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Zebra's Head

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Word Category: Shopping
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6 Definitions
  1. You can find out more at . Store hours, location, even product listings with links! You should check it out, they don't just have great prices, but the people there really seem to know their stuff. Okay, I'm one of those guys, and I'm shamelessly self promoting. Really, come on in and see us. We're here to help you find the right solution to your problem. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us. So call, click, and come in, we can't wait to see ya! 'Nuff said. (Stan Lee's voice) Posted by: Anonymous on Jun 02, 2010 (3) (1)
  2. Actually, none of the products in Zebra Head are for smoking marijuana. They are all for tobacco use only. They sell water pipes, not bongs. Everyone should research their local laws, and make sure they don't do the things that can get our beloved smoke shops closed down. Like saying things such as the comment below. Certain terminology is to be spoken in the smoke shop or you will be kicked out faster the michael jackson in chuckie cheese. Weed is the number one no no. Tobacco is the correct term. Just remember, this is Texas, not California. Marijuana is still illegal here. For the tourist, Zebra Head was the first 'head shop' to open in Texas. They have beautiful works done by local glass blowers but that is not the only reason to pay a visit. It is also a some what historical building and is surrounded by great restaurants, bars, and a hookah lounge. Its really easy to find. Its the building painted all the way around just like a zebra. Posted by: cannababe on Apr 26, 2009 (4) (2)
  3. A smallish zebra-stripe-painted building filled with quality glassware, waterpipes & associated tobacco gear; staffed by extremely knowledgeable & laid-back people. Friendliest & hippest shop of its kind in Denton IMO. Pay 'em a visit -- you likely won't be disappointed. Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 11, 2012 (0) (0)
  4. my favorite bong shop!!!!! Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011 (0) (0)
  5. For anyone who smoke tobacco -- don't bother, like damned near every "tobacco" shop in America they don't sell a -single- pipe or tobacco blend that any smoker would bother with with. . ..

    It's actually kinda funny if you ask them if they have anything you can actually smoke tobacco out of -- they showed me a bloody . . what'cha call them. . . "pinch hitter" was it? Bollix I tell yeh. Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 18, 2010 (0) (1)
  6. A really great smoke shop in the Denton area. Basically sells you everything you need to smoke weed except the bud itself. Not to mention they sell cigarettes at minimum pricing. Posted by: chuckzing4 on Aug 06, 2008 (1) (2)
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