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91. Texas State Fair: A Texas tradition, public schools even give out free tickets to students and kids get 'State Fair Day' off from sch...  
92. Grapefest: As the largest wine festival in the Southwest, Grapefest is sure to tickle your fancy. There is a children's carniv...  
93. Gloria's: A great Salvadorean restaurant that has a live salsa band that plays on Friday nights.  
94. Barbarian, The: Cowboys' running back Marion Barber was given this nickname because of his tough running style (and his last name, ...  
95. Metroplex: carrollton  
96. Big D: Big D is a nickname for Dallas, a big city in state where everything is bigger.  
97. Kennedy Museum, The: Officially called the Sixth Floor Museum, many out-of-towners will simply refer to it as the Kennedy Museum because...  
98. Jesus Stadium: Nickname for the Prestonwood Church, a huge baptist church with 30,000 members.  
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