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Dallas People

1. Drowning Pool: Another hard rock band from Dallas, Texas that got signed to a large label. You've probably heard their song "Bodi...  
2. Dallasite: Term given to those that reside in Dallas.  
3. Pantera: RIP Dimebag Darrel. This heavy metal band originally from Arlington made it big as well as made its home state pro...  
4. Burden Brothers, The: Originally called The Toadies, this rock band straight out of Dallas gives the local bands hope that they too could...  
5. SouthFM: An alternative band that started out playing shows in Dallas, Texas and is now known around the country.  
6. Rocket Summer, The: Gorgeous Bryce Avery does all the instruments on the recordings for his self-created band The Rocket Summer. Known...  
7. Flickerstick: An alternative band originally formed in Denton, Texas that signed to a popular indie label in Dallas.  
8. Vanished, The: A pop rock band well known around DFW, and now, the U.S.  
9. Rockett Queen: Band from Tyler, Texas.  
10. Michael Johnson: This famous Dallas native won two gold medals in the 1996 Olympics and helped put Dallas back on the map.  
11. Larry Hagman: Fort Worth-born, Larry played Major Anthony Nelson on the show I Dream of Jeannie.  
12. Rober Miller: An all-American singer, song-writer, and musician out of Fort Worth, TX.  
13. Dirk Nowitzki: Mavericks fans are assuredly Dirk fans as many claim he carries the entire basketball team on his shoulders. His f...  
14. Barbarian, The: Cowboys' running back Marion Barber was given this nickname because of his tough running style (and his last name, ...  
Dallas Tagline
"Big things happen here." Edit | History