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1. Corpus Christians: Not based on any religious affiliation, but rather what one is called that is from Corpus Christi.  
2. Corpus Time: Refers to the laid-back atmosphere, where it is not uncommon for people to arrive 10 minutes late for meetings  
3. Island, The: Refers to Padre Island, a ten minute drive out of the city, where most residence go to enjoy the beach on the weeke...  
1. Luciano's: Amazing local Italian food, located downtown, relatively affordable with a classy atmosphere, perfect for an evenin...  
2. La Playa: Authentic Mexican Food. Perfect for getting a taste of Corpus' Hispanic culture and cuisine. Great for families an...  
3. Hester's: Artsy lunch cafĂ© with tasty sandwiches and coffee. Restaurant located downtown and is connected to The Bleu Frog, a...  
1. Leopard Street: Area of underprivileged neighborhoods that is infamous for drugs and prostitution  
2. Downtown: Slowly reviving area of Corpus. Filled with local restaurants, coffee shops, music venues, and office buildings.  
3. Flour Bluff: Area with well-known high school and many residential areas. Also has many underprivileged areas.  
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