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106. Sam Houston: 19th century American politician who became the leader of the Texas Revolution. The city of Houston was named after...  
107. Staiti House: One of the preserved historical homes in Sam Houston Park, this one originally owned by a Texas oil pioneer in the ...  
108. Heritage Society: An organization that focuses on preservation and restoration efforts of area history.  
109. Memorial Drive: A main road in western Houston, running from I-45 to State Highway 6 through several residential neighborhoods.  
110. Downtown Aquarium: A small-ish aquarium in the downtown area of Houston; detractors characterize it as similar to a large and expensiv...  
111. Main Street: The downtown nightlife are, with clubs, bars and restaurants.  
112. Minute Maid Park: Located in downtown Houston, Minute Made Park is a fairly new sports venue that houses the Astros.  
113. Astros: Short for the Houston Astros Major Leauge Baseball Team  
114. JP Morgan Chase Tower: located in downtown Houston, The JP Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest building in Texas, the tallest five-sided bui...  
115. Candlelight Tour: In December, the Heritage Society hosts a twilight tour of the restored Historical homes at Heritage Park.  
116. Earth day Festival: An outdoor concert at Elanor Tinsley Park sponsored by a local radio statio.  
117. Eleanor Tinsley Park: Located within the city's greenbelt, this park in the Taft-Sabine area is the location of many major celebrations.  
118. KRBE: A local Houston rock and roll radio station  
119. Sesquicentennial Park: Located along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, Sesquicentennial is an urban park located in downtown Houston.  
120. TMC: Texas Medical Center, one of the world's finest.  
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Cheeseheads can refer to either 1) the foam cheesehead hats made by Foamation, 2) Wisconsinites, or 3) Green Bay Packer fans.

A very unique term to New Orleans for the median of a street. The Spanish and French, who effectively split the city in two, could do business on the "neutral ground" of city streets.

Ho-Flo is a nickname for Homewood-Flossmoor area and its high school (Homewood-Flossmoor High School). Even though it's located in Flossmoor, a majority of students actually lives in Homewood.

A nickname for New York City. Gotham City is a fictional city used in DC Comics, but it is said to be modeled after NYC.

Bassett Street came within a vote of being renamed Ho Chi Minh Trail in the early 1970's as a protest against the Viet Nam War.