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46. Saint Arnold Brewing Company: Billed as the "Oldest Craft Brewery" in Texas; they still produce ten kinds of beer and are open for public tours o...  
47. Dragon Boat Festival: Usually in May, a celebration whose highlight is the racing of traditional Hong-Kong-style dragon boats through the...  
48. Energy Corridor: The area is defined by many oil industry related companies and large corporations, such as ExxonMobil and Shell. Al...  
49. George Bush Park: A large public part in the western part of Houston with jogging and biking trails, sports fields and the American S...  
50. Sunset Coffee Building: A historic building in downtown Houston's Market Square district that was once a coffee roasting and distribution p...  
51. Oh we must be in Pasadena!: Uttered upon encountering something unexpected.  
52. Sam Houston Toll Road: Part of the main beltway that circles around the city of Houston (a toll road).  
53. McGonigel's Mucky Duck: An Irish Pub on Norfalk Street that features live acoustic music six nights a week.  
54. Taste of Texas: An award-winning steakhouse on Katy Freeway unique for having its own butcher on the premises.  
55. Tex-Mex: A type of regional cuisine featured prominently in Houston; blends American and Mexican culinary influences.  
56. Houston Rockets: One of the most popular professional basketball teams. They won championships most recently in 1994 and 1995. Their...  
57. Houston Comets: Houston’s professional women’s basketball team. They rose to prominence with the launch of the WNBA when they won t...  
58. Houston Livestock Show: The 20-day-long world's largest livestock exhibition and rodeo event, held at Houston's Reliant Park in February/Ma...  
59. Huevos Rancheros: Ranch-style eggs, served with salsa and tortillas  
60. Carnitas: Tex-Mex style pork roast  
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Past Words of the Day

1. Question from an Italian beef vendor about whether you would like it dipped in the juice or not.

2. Chicagoans used to refer to Italian Beef as "Dago Beef," but this practice became has been phased out in the last few decades as the term has been recognized as highly offensive.

A slang name for the town of Oroville, CA; Often used by the more fortunate residents when describing the less than desirable aspects of the area: high unemployment, considerable lower-middle class population, conservative politics, scarcity of culture, abundance of roadside fast food strips, etc. Historically, Oroville has roots linking it to California's Gold Rush era. Its name is coined from the Spanish word for gold ("oro") and a truncated, slang diminutive for village (-ville), thus inspiring its local promotional tagline, "The City of Gold."

Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic, when Georgia law enforcement cracks down on dangerous, high-speed and aggressive drivers.

A common question in Saint Louis upon meeting someone. It is thought that meaningful stereotypes can be made of a person once knowing where he went to high school. This is perhaps a testament to the intense segregation that has plagued the city.

1. A mother of youth hockey players or a cheesy political gimmick to help mobilize the conservative base of the Republican Party for the 2008 Presidential Election.

2. The Alaskan version of "soccer mom" that was popularized on the national stage by Sarah Palin, former Wasilla mayor and current VP candidate on the Republican ticket. Palin said at the Republican National Convention: "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?....LIPSTICK!"