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31. Preston Avenue Bridge: A pedestrian bridge linking the east and west sides of the bayou in Sesquicentennial Park  
32. Max's Wine Dive: Described as an "upscale dive bar" (despite the potential oxymoron) with an extensive wine list, excellent Texas-st...  
33. Garden Club of Houston Garden, The: In Sesquicentennial Park, the perfect picnic spot on the west bank.  
34. Williams Tower: Locals may still refer to this as "Transco"; one of Houston's most visible skyscrapers.  
35. George Bush Monument: An eight-foot tall bronze statue in tribute to the 41st U.S. President, located in Sesquicentennial Park  
36. Buffalo Bayou: One of the main waterways that cross through downtown Houston, it accents several major parks and numerous smaller ...  
37. Dog Park, The: An informal meeting place for the city's dog owners, in Buffalo Bayou, around the 2700 block of the Allen Parkway.  
38. Beer Can House, The: A house in a neighborhood east of Memorial Park that has been entirely covered with beer cans, supposedly the conte...  
39. Houston Fire Museum: The old Fire Station No. 7, renovated to preserve firefighting history as it was in 1899 when the building was cons...  
40. Seven Wonders: A set of seven spectacular columns near the Preston Avenue Bridge in Sesquicentennial Park that depict different as...  
41. Jewel Brown: A famous Houston jazz artist who once sang for Louis Armstrong's All Star Band.  
42. Quentin Mease: Established the South Central YMCA to benefit Houston's African-American residents in 1955.  
43. Plymouth Rock: A nickname for Allen's Landing, since it was the place where Houston's founders "came ashore".  
44. John Kirby and Augustus Chapman Allen: The founders of the city of Houston, two real estate entrepreneurs from New York City who purchased the land along ...  
45. Orange Show, The: A 3000 square foot folk-art monument located in the East End of Houston, dedicated to the virtues of the popular ci...  
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A key ingredient for the infamous 'triple-bypass' breakfast sandwich; a sliced salami-like deli meat wrapped in a cloth...Trenton's ubiquitous mystery meat.

Some refer to CR as the City of Five Smells since the odor from various grain & food processing plants (Quaker Oats, Cargill, Ralston Foods, etc.) can be detected depending on the day & wind direction. See also: "The City of Five Seasons".

Pneumonia and other disorders caused by exposure to the massive dust storms that took place in the 1930s in the Southern Plains.

A Colorado-style pizza, made with honey in the crust and often topped with a spicy sauce.

1. Country ham drippings and black coffee, made into a gravy, also called Poor Man's Gravy.

2. Gravy made from instant coffee and ham grease. It probably tastes better than it sounds, but the non-Alabama native may opt to take someone else's word for it.