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31. Preston Avenue Bridge: A pedestrian bridge linking the east and west sides of the bayou in Sesquicentennial Park  
32. Max's Wine Dive: Described as an "upscale dive bar" (despite the potential oxymoron) with an extensive wine list, excellent Texas-st...  
33. Garden Club of Houston Garden, The: In Sesquicentennial Park, the perfect picnic spot on the west bank.  
34. Williams Tower: Locals may still refer to this as "Transco"; one of Houston's most visible skyscrapers.  
35. George Bush Monument: An eight-foot tall bronze statue in tribute to the 41st U.S. President, located in Sesquicentennial Park  
36. Buffalo Bayou: One of the main waterways that cross through downtown Houston, it accents several major parks and numerous smaller ...  
37. Dog Park, The: An informal meeting place for the city's dog owners, in Buffalo Bayou, around the 2700 block of the Allen Parkway.  
38. Beer Can House, The: A house in a neighborhood east of Memorial Park that has been entirely covered with beer cans, supposedly the conte...  
39. Houston Fire Museum: The old Fire Station No. 7, renovated to preserve firefighting history as it was in 1899 when the building was cons...  
40. Seven Wonders: A set of seven spectacular columns near the Preston Avenue Bridge in Sesquicentennial Park that depict different as...  
41. Jewel Brown: A famous Houston jazz artist who once sang for Louis Armstrong's All Star Band.  
42. Quentin Mease: Established the South Central YMCA to benefit Houston's African-American residents in 1955.  
43. Plymouth Rock: A nickname for Allen's Landing, since it was the place where Houston's founders "came ashore".  
44. John Kirby and Augustus Chapman Allen: The founders of the city of Houston, two real estate entrepreneurs from New York City who purchased the land along ...  
45. Orange Show, The: A 3000 square foot folk-art monument located in the East End of Houston, dedicated to the virtues of the popular ci...  
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A skewered concoction of veal and pork unique to Pittsburgh.

A pervasive New York City urban legend tells of infant alligators brought back from Florida vacations and subsequently flushed down toilets only to form scattered colonies of full-grown alligators thriving beneath the city streets. Some versions describe the alligators as albino, having lost their pigment from living in the dark sewers for generations.

1. Town square in the Treme neighborhood where slaves used to meet on Sundays to dance.

2. Sunday was the slave's day off. They would meet at "Place de Negres," which is now called Congo Square. Treme is the cradle of African American music in the New Orleans area, and Congo Square is ground zero.

No, it has nothing to do with the ancient civilization of Phoenicia, but is rather a nickname for a resident of Phoenix.

A cheesesteak with Provolone cheese and onions.