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16. San Antonio Local Time: A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.  
17. Pulleybone: A wishbone  
18. Largest Cowboy Boots in the World, The: A pair of 40 foot tall and 20 foot wide cowboy boots, located at the North Star Mall.  
19. Texas' Tallest Fraternity: This was the alternate nickname for the "Phi Slama Jama" University of Houston Cougars basketball team from 1982 to...  
20. Washateria: This isn't actually Spanish, and isn't pronounced as such. It's actually an old Southern word for laundromat and it...  
21. Yous Ton: Southern vernacular pronunciation of Houston.  
22. Y'all: A Texas and Southern favorite, "Ya'll" is the easier (and more hick-sounding) way of saying "you all" or "you guys"...  
23. Mariachi: A street performer.  
24. Pandulce: A Mexican pastry that comes in many flavors, including peppermint.  
25. DFW: A acronym used by the locals referring to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.  
26. Pappasito's: Pappasito's Cantina, a popular and sometimes crowded Houston chain restaurant that serves passable Tex-Mex fare.  
27. Quiosco: A gazebo-type structure with concrete columns built to resemble tree trunks  
28. Artpark, The: A section of Buffalo Bayou along the north bank featuring a variety of changing public art exhibits.  
29. Sabine-to-Bagby Promenade: A newer, 23-acre waterfront park with hiking and biking trails linking the Allen Parkway trails in the west with t...  
30. George Ranch: The George Ranch Historical Park offers a chance to experience living Texas history on this 498 acre working ranch.  
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Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best. Can also be shorted to just The Beast.

Original nickname for the Syracuse University sports teams. No, it has nothing to do with crackers, but rather Syracuse's prominence in the salt trade. The Saltine Warriors then became the Orangemen, and then the more gender-neutral Orange.

1. The Waffle House chain of restaurants. Also known as the Awful Waffle.

2. The best place in Atlanta to get late night waffles and hashbrowns- smothered, covered, and diced.

Richmond has its very own Dog n Suds Drive In, better known by the locals as "Arf n Barf."

A favorite food of kids in the Milwaukee Public School System (MPS) and a Milwaukee classic! Pork shaped into a form kind of resembling a chicken drumstick, but really flat, coated, and fried.