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136. 360 Condiminiums: A newly constructed apartment complex in Austin which is slated to become the tallest structure in the city.  
137. Frost Bank Tower: Located in downtown Austin, it is currently the tallest building in the city.  
138. Capitol Metro: Austin's public transportation system.  
139. Emo's: A nightclub which also plays host as one of the South by Southwest venues. It is the spot for most alternative roc...  
140. Emissions from the Monolith: Held at Emo's, it is an annual heavy metal festival that showcases mainly doom metal and sludge metal bands, consid...  
141. MoPac Expressway: Which is one of the major highways running north-south to the west of the downtown Austin.  
142. Milto's Pizza Pub: A popular but controversial pizza pub on the south side of Austin. Renowned for its pizza but attracted some atten...  
143. Sandy's Hamburgers: American cafĂ© which has been around for nearly twenty years and its neon custard cone has been its trademark.  
144. Auditorium Shores: Located near downtown Austin and the university, the shores is a popular live music venue.  
145. Paramount, The: Located in the heart of Austin and on the Congress Avenue, it is one of the city's oldest entertainment venues.  
146. Guero's: Located on Elizabeth Street, Guero's is an eat-in diner which specializes in Mexican food.  
147. Machaca: Pronounced Man-Shack  
148. Lady Bird Lake: Formerly known as Town Lake, it is a reservoir on the Colorado River in downtown Austin.  
149. Texas State Highway Loop 360: Known also simply as Loop 360, it is a scenic highway winding through the hills of West Austin.  
150. Barter Springs: Four natural springs located on the grounds of Zilker Park.  
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Freedom Cage is the brilliantly oxymoronic name given to the small chunk of asphalt designated as the place of protest outside the Pepsi Center for the Democratic National Convention. The place is separated from the main event by several rows of fences and is tucked away out of sight, effectively deterring any meaningful protest.

As the old adage goes: "Freedom isn't free." That's because it's caged.

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