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Knoxville People

1. Philip John Clapp: Better known as sexiest dare devil alive!  
2. Johnny Knoxville: The stage name for the co-creator and star of the MTV series Jackass. Knoxville is a Knoxville native.  
3. Knoxvillian: "Knoxvillian" is what a Knoxville native is called.  
4. Frankenhooker or Frankenwhore: Your FRANKENWHORE you are talking about is my daughter. She comes from a very good family! None of you know her. Sh...  
5. Quentin Tarantino: Quirky film director, actor, and Knoxville native. Tarantino is director of many popular cult films, including Pulp...  
Knoxville Tagline
"Underwear Capital of the World" Edit | History
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