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61. New World Remodeling: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, General Contractor, Plumbing Services, Electrician, Appliance Repairs, Flo...
62. The Tennis Store of Franklin: For having tennis shoes, rackets, apparels manufactured by the brands that have maintained their right to claim the...
63. Quentin Tarantino: Quirky film director, actor, and Knoxville native. Tarantino is director of many popular cult films, including Pulp...  
64. Boomsday: A huge Labor Day fireworks display that launches fireworks over the Tennessee River by the University of Tennessee ...  
65. Sundown in the City: A fun free concert/festival in early-mid summer every Thursday night on Market Square.  
66. Market Square: A cool historical square in downtown knoxville which is home to fun events, great food, and shops.  
67. Charles Krutch Park: A cute little park in downtown Knoxville adjacent to Market Square.
68. UTK: UTK is a popular acronym for the University of Tennessee's main campus in Knoxville.  
69. UT: Acronym for the University of Tennessee, not to be confused with the University of Texas at Austin, which is also k...  
70. Memphis Tigers Basketball Team: The 2008 NCAA Tournament runner-up. The Tigers lost to the Kansas Jayhawks in OT after Kansas guard Mario Chalmers ...  
71. Thunder Valley: A nickname for Bristol Motor Speedway  
72. Chatt-town: Local nickname for Chattanooga, TN.  
73. Tennessee Titans: Official name for the National Football League team in Nashville, TN. Part of the American Football Conference (AF...  
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(noun) Common term for hamburger in much of Maine, especially when used as an ingredient or topping (as in hamburg pizza).

Around the world people call them Buffalo wings. In Buffalo they're just "wings."

This is a nickname for Ithaca. Ithaca claims to be the birthplace of the American ice cream sundae. A local soda fountain apparently experimented with candied cherries and cherry syrup on top of its ice cream. This Sunday special then caught on and spread across the country in soda fountains and with specialty syrups in grocer's aisles everywhere.

A nickname for Los Angeles, which has a large Iranian population, especially in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Since Seattleites live for gloriously sunny weather, this phrase typically is used to emphasize just HOW nice the weather was on any given day. It refers to clear blue skies--so clear, in fact, that you can see Mt. Rainer. Example: "Wasn't the weather amazing yesterday? The mountain was even out!".