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16. The Elite Realty Group of SC, LLC: Real Estate Agency, Real Estate Consultant, Realtor, Residential Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Land Sales, Home S...
17. Affordable Concrete Inc: If you want stamped concrete, concrete sidewalks, driveways in Mt Pleasant, SC, whatever XYZ demands you have, it i...
18. Filter Sales & Service: When it comes to getting found by the customers, to contact the HVAC, industrial machine filters providers in Sumte...
19. Moman Insurance Brokerage & Consulting: For Medicare supplement insurance, in Mauldin, SC, not to run hot and cold for forming the right opinion, just visi...
20. Family Wellness Chiropractic: For your body to be truly free of back, neck pains, yours truly, our chiropractor having over seventeen years of ex...
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1. The Chicago Bungalow is the main source of housing design in the Chicago area. These bungalow style houses make up about a third of the city's housing. Many of these were built during beginning of the 20th century and the period after WWII.

2. The house featured during the theme song of the old sitcom Family Matters...

1. The improper way to pronounce Louisville (LOOuhville).

2. This is how an outsider would pronounce Louisville. Some outsiders who've been to Louisville will try to pronounce the city's name like a local out of respect for the local pronunciation, and even go as far as to correct people when they pronounce it "LOO-ee-vill." I usually point out to these people that King Louis XVI's name is most often pronounced "LOO-ee" and not "LOO-uh." That's not to say that the local pronunciation is wrong, but that "LOO-ee-vill" is certainly valid. Besides, in English we almost always alter the pronunciation of places to fit our particular language and/or pronunciation. For example, is "Germany" the locals' word for Germany? In Iraq do the locals call their country "eye-RACK" or "eye-ROCK?" Let me help you out--they don't.

1. A supermarket shopping cart.

2. The vehicles in a race held by Carnegie Mellon during their spring carnival since 1920.

A pickled condiment made from cabbage and various other vegetables and spices.

1. A common question in Saint Louis upon meeting someone. It is thought that meaningful stereotypes can be made of a person once knowing where he went to high school. This is perhaps a testament to the intense segregation that has plagued the city.

2. the most commonly used question in stl; the first thing people ask when they meet you.