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1. Arrowhead Golf Club : A golf course that was "300 million years in the making." The ancient red sandstone rock formations jut out from this...
2. Gay Street : One of the main streets in downtown Knoxville. Newcomers to the city usually get a seventh-grade-like giggle out of the...
3. Pete's Coffee Shop : A great little coffee shop that serves an excellent Southern-style breakfast until 11 AM M-F and till 12 noon on...

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Past Words of the Day

Milorganite is the brand name of a fertilizer that the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District started producing during the 1940s. Yes, it was made from the sewerage in Milwaukee treatment plant. The name is a contraction of Milwaukee Organic Nitrogen.

Leftover tomato pie from Palermos (half fried eggplant, half garlic).

Trenton's unique vision of a pizza pie, light on the cheese and heavy with big chunks of tomato drizzled with olive oil.

Summer tourists who visit South Jersey beaches and boardwalks for a short time, usually not more than a day. The original "shoobies" brought what they needed for the day in shoeboxes.

The technical definition is an adjective used to describe something as cheap or inferior. New Yorkers use it as a term encompassing all of the souvenirs sold in Times Square that tourists take home with them to remind them of their trip to New York City. (I mean, what else would you call a melamine ash tray shaped like a yellow taxi?) AKA kitsch. Individual items of schlock or kitsch are known as tchotchkes.

Satan's Steed is one of the nicknames of the blue horse sculpture just outside of the Denver International Airport. The horse's creepy red eyes attract all sorts of disgust from the Colorado public, who lament the fact that the sculpture is placed so prominently at the gateway to the city. Adding to the mustang's mystique, scupltor Luis Jimenez died...