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Reno, NV
Magic Nails : Magic Nails
cueco : (Panamá): dícese despectivamente de una persona homosexual.  
Big Apple Pizza & Subs : A cute little eatery in nearby Sparks that serves up real Neopolitan Style pizza made only with the freshest...  
Dish Cafe : A small cafe serving excellent food including from-scratch baked goods and organic breakfast fare like oatmeal and...  
PJ & Co : PJ & Company Restaurant Saloon is a classic American cafe with a touch of "biker bar" flavor. The atmosphere is...  

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Brew/movie, relating to any number of theaters that serve beer. Popular ones are Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Baghdad.

Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...

1. To out of state folks "TYME machine" sounds like a "time machine". If you leave the state and ask for a TYME machine you will likely be given a blank stare. To us it is the generic term for a cash machine, to everyone else it is a futuristic machine that doesn't exist.

2. This is Madison speak for ATM. Many newcomers are puzzled when an old-school Wisconsinite asks them for a "Tyme machine."

While outsiders might assume you can borrow money from your buddy and he will lend it to you, in Wisconsin we borrow everything. i.e. "Can you borrow me ten bucks?" "No, sorry. I can't borrow it to you 'cuz then I won't have enough left for the brat fry."

1. Water moccasin-infested

2. Adj. describing dark, murky areas along the banks of Barton Creek in which water moccasins may lurk. For use when evaluating swimming holes.

You may hear the locals refer to the Clinton Presidential Library this way. It does sort of resemble one.