Favorite Words

1. 30 Rack : A case of beer.  
2. Bang a left : Take a left (while driving).  
3. Clicka : Remote Control.  
4. Down Cella : In the basement.  
5. Packie Run : A trip to the liquor store.  
6. Terrace Chairs : The colored (orange, yellow and green) metal chairs outside at the Memorial Union Terrace. You can buy replica terrace...
7. Wicked : An adjective meaning "very." Ex: My boy just got an A on his math test; he's wicked smart (pronounced...  

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Past Words of the Day

Coffee laced with chicory. Rumored to have originated in New Orleans during the Civil War, when the city was under a federal blockade and could not import enough coffee, which...

Rubber Bands.

Lake Champlain's version of the Loch Ness Monster. People have reported seeing a monster in the lake for hundreds of years. In fact, the monster regardless of its actual existance is protected by both Vermont and New York laws. There was a monument to Champ erected in 1984, at the end of Burlington's Perkins Pier.

1. A large and predominantly Latino neighborhood located in the north-eastern section of Manhattan surrounding 116th Street and bounded by the East River.

2. A predominantly Hispanic (Puerto Rican) neighborhood in northeastern Manhattan.

A very unique term to New Orleans for the median of a street. The Spanish and French, who effectively split the city in two, could do business on the "neutral ground" of city streets.