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1. N'at: Slang for "and that". There are even pizza places called "Pizza N'At"  
2. Anymore: As used in Pittsburgh, the word means "lately" or "currently" as in "The gas prices are outrageous anymore."  
3. City Chicken: A skewered concoction of veal and pork unique to Pittsburgh.  
4. Crick: Creek, river, stream, etc.  
5. Denver Boot: A device attached to the wheel of a car by Pittsburgh Police in order to immobilize the vehicle and aid in the enfo...  
6. Get a bath: To bathe or shower.  
7. Gum Bands: This slang for rubber bands in Pittsburgh speak, not to be confused with bubble gum bands, which are singing groups...  
8. Buggy: A supermarket shopping cart.
9. East Carson Street: A funky neighborhood in South Side Pittsburgh that features bars, tattoo shops and eclectic shopping.  
10. Oakland: One of the "surrounding Pittsburgh" neighborhoods and home to the University of Pittsburgh.  
11. Adding a syllable when you shouldn't: In Alabama one may add and elide syllables in the same sentence... "Ahm goin t' tay own for a co cola."  
12. Cathedral of Learning, The: A local and national landmark, the heart of the University of Pittsburgh, and the second-tallest educational buildi...  
13. Primanti Brothers: An eatery famous for its 'Pittsburgh Sandwich", a local favorite made with lunch meat and Italian bread then topped...  
14. Strip, The: A well-known Pittsburgh neighborhood where locals go to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.  
15. PrideFest: A day of festivities at the riverfront in honor of Pittsburgh's gay and lesbian community, highlighted by a parade ...  
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