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Pittsburgh Food & Drink

1. City Chicken: A skewered concoction of veal and pork unique to Pittsburgh.  
2. City Pidgeon: A version of City Chicken (which is a skewered concoction of veal and pork unique to Pittsburgh)made with cheaper i...  
3. Hoagy: A submarine sandwich.  
4. Pop: Soda.  
5. gob: A southwestern PA specialty consisting of two chocolate cake "patties" with a creamy center icing made from Crisco,...  
6. Lansburghs: 'gobs'--- due to the fact that Mom packed them in clothing boxes from Lansburghs department store.  
7. Toucan Sam: Chipped ham, thinly sliced ham  
8. Ham Barbecue: A sandwich made with Toucan Sam Ham, ketchup and brown sugar-like a ham sloppy joe.  
9. Primanti Brothers: An eatery famous for its 'Pittsburgh Sandwich", a local favorite made with lunch meat and Italian bread then topped...  
10. Boilermaker: A Purdue University student or alumni, or an alcoholic drink invented by Pittsburgh steelworkers consisting of some...  
11. Sammitch: Sandwich in Pittsburgh speak.  
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