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Philadelphia Words & Expressions

1. Whiz Wit: A cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz and onions.  
2. Coffee Regular: Coffee with cream and sugar.  
3. Jimmies: Chocolate sprinkles, as used to garnish ice cream  
4. Youse: You guys, you all  
5. Water Ice: Philadelphian speak for Italian Ice, a frozen desert made of flavored syrup.  
6. Gravy: Marinara Sauce  
7. Birthplace of America: Nickname for Philadelphia.  
8. City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia's motto, coined by William Penn.  
9. Pennsy, The: This term is not in common use, except perhaps among the over-90 set.  
10. Boo Birds: Philadelphia Eagles fans who boo the team when they're not performing well.  
11. Sixers: Nickname for the Philadelphia 76er's, Philly's NBA team.  
12. 215, The: Philadelphia's area code and a colloquial term for Philadelphia itself, as in the following sentence: "Allen Ive...  
13. Philadelphian: The common name for someone that lives in the Philadelphia area.  
14. Wooder: This is what 'water' sounds like when pronounced by a local Philadelphian.  
15. Paymint: Known as the sidewalk everywhere else, Philadelphians refer to the walking spaces on the sides of streets as the "p...  
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Philadelphia Tagline
"City of Brotherly Love and Cheesesteak" Edit | History