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Philadelphia Streets

1. South Street: Although the street itself runs longer, "South Street" usually refers to the area between about Front and Seventh, ...  
2. Elfreth's Alley: Believed to be the oldest continuously occupied street in the USA.  
3. Broad Street: AKA "Avenue of the Arts"; a main north/south road through Philadelphia, interrupted only by Penn Square at John F. ...  
4. Grays Ferry Avenue: Provides a great view of the Philadelphia skyline at night.  
5. Bouley, The: Route 1, Roosevelt Boulevard, runs largely through the Northeast.  
6. Spring Garden Street: The non-tourist cultural center of Philly. Stretches from Columbus Ave. on the Delaware River all the way to 42nd S...  
Philadelphia Tagline
"City of Brotherly Love and Cheesesteak" Edit | History