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Philadelphia Restaurants & Bars

1. La Colombe Torrefaction: A world-renowned coffee-roaster and favorite Rittenhouse Square café.  
2. Jim's Steaks: On South Street, said to be one of the best cheese steak joints in the city.  
3. Rick's: A popular cheese steak stop in Reading Terminal.  
4. Laff house: One of Philadelphia's best entertainment venues-a comedy club featuring nationally known comedians and local talent...  
5. E-Tea: An internet café on South Street that serves coffee and bubble tea.  
6. Philadelphia Java Company: A favorite neighborhood coffee shop; where the locals go to get their 'joe'.  
7. Chef's Market: A gourmet grocery store and café on South Street; a staple of the local foodie scene since 1985.  
8. South Philly Tap Room: An excellent eatery with an impressive beer list; there is even an organic variety on tap.  
9. Xochitl: An upscale Mexican restaurant and bar on South 2nd Street.  
10. Bob & Barbara's: Bob & Barbara's Lounge on South Street was voted one of 'America's Best Dive Bars'.  
11. Pat's King of Steaks: According to Pat, "the originator of the Philly Steak and the Cheese Steak."  
12. Geno's Steaks: A great place for cheese steaks right next to Pat's--a competing cheese steak locale. Geno's was started in the 60'...  
13. Finnegan's Wake: Where MMR's Preston and Steve go for St. Patrick's Day.  
14. Tony Luke's: This was one of the first places Adam Richman went to for "Man vs. Food". But that doesn't even tell you how good i...
15. Gooey Looie's: A small sandwich shop in Pennsport that gives you more than enough incredible hoagie or cheesesteak for your dollar...  
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