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Philadelphia People

1. William Penn: Founder of Philadelphia and historical figure.  
2. Quakers: Members of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian group (originating in England) whose members, including Wi...  
3. Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin was actually born in Boston. Although he is not a native, we still claim him.  
4. Pots and Pans: A famous (or infamous) Philadelphia street musician who plays music using a variety of household items including si...  
5. Boo Birds: Philadelphia Eagles fans who boo the team when they're not performing well.  
6. Philadelphian: The common name for someone that lives in the Philadelphia area.  
7. AI: Allen Iverson has played the majority of his career with the 76ers, during which "AI" was the most common nickname.  
8. Answer, The: A common nickname for former 76ers guard, Allen Iverson.  
9. Round Mound of Rebound: Charles Barkley played half (the "better" half) of his career with the Sixers, during which he was called the Round...  
Philadelphia Tagline
"City of Brotherly Love and Cheesesteak" Edit | History