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121. Dad Vail Regatta: A huge rowing race on the Schuylkill River. It is the largest intercollegiate regular rowing event in the US.  
122. Annual Jam on the River: Features live music from a variety of genres on Memorial Day Weekend.  
123. Gay Pride Weekend: A huge festival and parade on the first weekend in June.  
124. Avenue of the Arts: Broad Street south of City Hall, the center of Philly's theater district.  
125. Rittenhouse Row: A well-known and well-visited city square decorated by trees, gorgeous statues, and even a wading pool.  
126. Three Bears Park: A family-friendly park in the Society Hill Area, complete with playground swings and slides.  
127. Philadelphia Soft Pretzels: A common street-vendor food; a big, soft pretzel with coarse salt, often eaten with mustard.  
128. Sunday at the Art Museum: On Sunday, admission to the Art Museum is whatever you feel like paying.  
129. Merchant Exchange: In the Independence Hall area, a historical building originally designed by William Strickland (a renowned 19th cen...  
130. Jim's Steaks: On South Street, said to be one of the best cheese steak joints in the city.  
131. Rick's: A popular cheese steak stop in Reading Terminal.  
132. Pat's and Geno's: Two competing steak joints that sit parallel on either side of Passyunk Ave. Both are open 24-hours and reportedly...  
133. Mural Arts Program: A program started in 1984 that sponsors large murals that are inspiring or educational, to combat graffiti with mea...  
134. Philadelphia Rowhomes: Rows of connecting old-style houses.  
135. King of Prussia: A huge shopping mall with eight anchor stores and over 350 shops.  
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Philadelphia's area code and a colloquial term for Philadelphia itself, as in the following sentence:

"Allen Iverson was really representin' the 215 in Los Angeles last night when he torched Kobe."

(noun) Traffic light maneuver associated with Pittsburgh. It is when a the first car in either direction waiting for a stop light is allowed to (or claims the right to) turn left before the car facing the opposite direction proceeds straight ahead.

The infamous NYC street vendor hot dog, generally Sabrett's brand shoved haphazardly into a soggy bun and topped with a variety of gloppy condiments. The consumption of this NYC grab-and-go staple is almost an urban rite of passage and the Manhattan version of Russian Roulette.

Slugging is a form of hitchhiking in DC that benefits both the hitchhiker and the driver. The driver can use the much faster HOV lane after taking on a passenger.

Theory that the standard price for a slice of cheese pizza moves in lockstep with the price of one subway ride, though no one is 100 percent sure which change causes the other.