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91. Pennsy, The: This term is not in common use, except perhaps among the over-90 set.  
92. Schuylkill River: The river dividing Fairmount Place into east and west sections.  
93. 30th Street Station: Amtrak's second-busiest station.  
94. Penn Center: A massive office complex stretching from Market Street and JFK to Penn Square.  
95. Pennsylvania Turnpike: A main highway in Pennsylvania that runs east and west across the state and provides access to and from Philadelphi...  
96. South Street: Although the street itself runs longer, "South Street" usually refers to the area between about Front and Seventh, ...  
97. Chinatown Bus: A bus service that connects the Chinatown in Philadelphia the Chinatown in New York City.  
98. RiverLink: One of two boat services providing transportation from Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey in the summer months.  
99. Freedom Ferry: One of two boat services providing transportation from Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey in the summer months.  
100. Philadelphia Museum of Art: This is the art museum featured in the Rocky movies.  
101. Benjamin Franklin Parkway: A cultural centerpiece of Philadelphia, lined with museums and periodically, parade spectators.  
102. PATCO: A high-speed train that runs between Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.  
103. Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin was actually born in Boston. Although he is not a native, we still claim him.  
104. University of Pennsylvania: A historic, Ivy league school in West Philadelphia.  
105. Penn Square: The plaza, midway between the two rivers, where City Hall is located.  
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