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76. Jimmies: Chocolate sprinkles, as used to garnish ice cream  
77. Manayunk: A National Historic District just west of Center City, particularly known for its large concentration of furniture ...  
78. Templetown: Area surrounding Templeton University's main campus.  
79. Birthplace of America: Nickname for Philadelphia.  
80. PHL: Philadelphia International Airport.  
81. SEPTA: The regional commuter railroad.  
82. William Penn: Founder of Philadelphia and historical figure.  
83. City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia's motto, coined by William Penn.  
84. Quakers: Members of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian group (originating in England) whose members, including Wi...  
85. LOVE park: AKA "John F. Kennedy Plaza", a park just to the west of City Hall.  
86. Reading Terminal Market: Billed as "the best, freshest, and liveliest public market since 1893", at 12th and Arch Street, 7 days a week.  
87. Chinatown: Philadelphia's Asian district is in the Center City area, between Arch and Vine. The area provides excellent trink...  
88. Italian Market: South Philly's finest and one of the country's largest outdoor markets.  
89. Philadelphia Stock Exchange: The oldest stock exchange in America.  
90. Mütter Museum: The Museum belongs to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, but has gathered a large cult following due to its...  
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1. Refers to the problems caused when I-93 was to be put under construction. There was a terrible allocation of funds, which caused many citizens to become infuriated with the city.

2. A massive underground highway project, the most expensive in U.S. history.

Dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" by Notre Dame alumni, "The Word of Life," constructed by Millard Sheets, is a mural on the face of the university's Hesburgh Library. Easily viewed from the football stadium, the piece features the looming figure of the resurrected Jesus with arms raised like a referee signaling a touchdown.

The Dirty Bird is a celebratory dance popularized by ex-Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson. Anderson, who was known for his colorful antics on and off the field (much like Muhammad Ali, whom he knew as a child), would execute this goofy dance in the end zone after touchdowns. The "Dirty Birds", when plural, can refer to the Atlanta Falcons football team and its players.

The Spanish (or Spanglish) pronunciation of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This neighborhood is largely Hispanic and, more specifically, Puerto Rican.

Bostonian for 'sprinkles', the type used to garnish ice cream cones.