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46. Hoagy: A submarine sandwich.  
47. Ignernt: Ignorant, here meaning rude instead of uninformed.  
48. Jag: To joke around.  
49. KD: Refers to radio station KDKA, the first commercial FM radio station in the country.  
50. Liberty Avenue: A main road that runs through the strip district of Pittsburgh and the frequent setting for the Showtime series "Qu...  
51. Light Up Night: The official start to the holiday season in Pittsburgh turns the downtown into a giant, illuminated celebration.  
52. Mon, The: The Monongahela River.  
53. Nebby: A slightly more polite version of 'nosey'.  
54. Pop: Soda.  
55. Steel City: Nickname for Pittsburgh itself.  
56. Squirrel Hill: A historically Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh that is representative of the city's rich immigrant heritage.  
57. Youse: You guys, you all  
58. Water Ice: Philadelphian speak for Italian Ice, a frozen desert made of flavored syrup.  
59. Gravy: Marinara Sauce  
60. Banana Whip: Arnold the Raw Food Guy has moved his store from Philly to Lansdale, but the incomparable frozen banana whips are w...  
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Leftover tomato pie from Palermos (half fried eggplant, half garlic).

Trenton's unique vision of a pizza pie, light on the cheese and heavy with big chunks of tomato drizzled with olive oil.

Nickname for "The tallest fraternity in Texas." The Houston Cougars' basketball team from 1982 to 1984 featured explosive players like Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon that warranted the nickname for their explosive play and huge dunks. Phi Slama Jama happened again on the Houston Rockets when Clyde Drexler was traded to the NBA champion Houston Rockets for one last hurrah at the end of both Drexler's and Olajuwon's careers.

(noun) Traffic light maneuver associated with Pittsburgh. It is when a the first car in either direction waiting for a stop light is allowed to (or claims the right to) turn left before the car facing the opposite direction proceeds straight ahead.

New Orleans cemeteries (due to the high water table, people in New Orleans are buried above ground).

Vacuum cleaner.