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31. Isaly's : Invented Toucan Sam, a thinly sliced form of ham famous in Pittsburgh.  
32. Ham Barbecue: A sandwich made with Toucan Sam Ham, ketchup and brown sugar-like a ham sloppy joe.  
33. Wit: Pittsburgh speak for the preposition "with."  
34. Sweeper: Vacuum cleaner.  
35. Northside: A section of Pittsburgh famous for its Andy Warhol Museum, sports arenas and aviary.  
36. Kennywood: An amusement park featuring talking garbage cans and life-sized cartoon characters.  
37. Heinz Factory: This ketchup factory is a very popular attraction on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  
38. Heinz Field: Named after the Heinz Ketchup Company and home to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  
39. Station Square: A riverfront shopping mall and historical attraction on the South Side of Pittsburgh.  
40. Queer as Folk: A Showtime television series following the lives of gay and lesbian characters was set in Pittsburgh, with many sce...  
41. Gateway Clipper: A cruise ship that provides dinner, dancing and sightseeing, and leaves from Station Square in Pittsburgh.  
42. Inclines: Old cable cars that go up the side of Mt Washington  
43. Mt. Washington: A neighborhood in south Pittsburgh, known for its scenic view of the Pittsburgh skyline.  
44. Golden Triangle, The: Where three rivers meet in Pittsburgh.  
45. Grinny: A chipmunk.  
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