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31. Isaly's : Invented Toucan Sam, a thinly sliced form of ham famous in Pittsburgh.  
32. Ham Barbecue: A sandwich made with Toucan Sam Ham, ketchup and brown sugar-like a ham sloppy joe.  
33. Wit: Pittsburgh speak for the preposition "with."  
34. Sweeper: Vacuum cleaner.  
35. Northside: A section of Pittsburgh famous for its Andy Warhol Museum, sports arenas and aviary.  
36. Kennywood: An amusement park featuring talking garbage cans and life-sized cartoon characters.  
37. Heinz Factory: This ketchup factory is a very popular attraction on the North Side of Pittsburgh.  
38. Heinz Field: Named after the Heinz Ketchup Company and home to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  
39. Station Square: A riverfront shopping mall and historical attraction on the South Side of Pittsburgh.  
40. Queer as Folk: A Showtime television series following the lives of gay and lesbian characters was set in Pittsburgh, with many sce...  
41. Gateway Clipper: A cruise ship that provides dinner, dancing and sightseeing, and leaves from Station Square in Pittsburgh.  
42. Inclines: Old cable cars that go up the side of Mt Washington  
43. Mt. Washington: A neighborhood in south Pittsburgh, known for its scenic view of the Pittsburgh skyline.  
44. Golden Triangle, The: Where three rivers meet in Pittsburgh.  
45. Grinny: A chipmunk.  
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The sulfuric stench produced by Tacoma's paper manufacturing mill.

Nickname for Providence used mostly by students of Providence College and fans of the school's D1 athletic teams.

Marinara Sauce

Giles Corey utter these words during the Salem Witch Trials. Accused of being a warlock, Corey was arrested on April 18, 1692. At that time, a person could not be tried unless he entered a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty." When Corey refused to plea, he was tortured by the authorities, who laid a heavy board on top of him and placed large stones on the board. Every time they asked for a plea, Corey simply said, "More weight." Eventually Corey was crushed to death. Visitors to the Witch City can see Corey's grave marker, and the Witch Trials Memorial, in Salem Cemetery.

Although it sounds like something made up by a seventh-grade boy, "Show and Blow" is the official name of the new alcohol-related policy for the student section at Wisconsin Badger football games. A student who is ejected for alcohol-related reasons must come to each subsequent game sober if underage or legally sober if of age. Apparently this policy was implemented last year (2007) but I only learned of it this year when the Dean of Students sent a letter to all season ticket holders that explains some changes to the Show and Blow program. Now, after a student is ejected, his or her ticket will be electronically tagged. In subsequent games the holder of that tagged voucher (NOT the person who was previously ejected) will be ushered to a Show and Blow area upon entering the stadium. This has implications for the student ticket resale market, as the electronic tag will be tied to all the vouchers in the season ticket packet in question, and not the offending person at the game.