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16. Adding a syllable when you shouldn't: In Alabama one may add and elide syllables in the same sentence... "Ahm goin t' tay own for a co cola."  
17. Cathedral of Learning, The: A local and national landmark, the heart of the University of Pittsburgh, and the second-tallest educational buildi...  
18. Primanti Brothers: An eatery famous for its 'Pittsburgh Sandwich", a local favorite made with lunch meat and Italian bread then topped...  
19. Strip, The: A well-known Pittsburgh neighborhood where locals go to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.  
20. PrideFest: A day of festivities at the riverfront in honor of Pittsburgh's gay and lesbian community, highlighted by a parade ...  
21. All the further: Used instead of "as far as", for example, "I went to the store to buy cauliflower but the snack food aisle was all ...  
22. Carnegie, The: Usually refers to Carnegie Mellon University, but sometimes the library and institute sharing the Carnegie name.  
23. Sammitch: Sandwich in Pittsburgh speak.  
24. Downtown: Everything is downtown, meaning all directions lead to downtown. To add to the confusion, downtown does not always ...  
25. National Aviary: The nation's premier bird park, housing over 200 species, and the largest indoor aviary in the country.  
26. Pittsburgh Penguins: The Penguins are Pittsburgh's NHL hockey team.  
27. Bloomfilled: Refers to the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Bloomfield.  
28. Boilermaker: A Purdue University student or alumni, or an alcoholic drink invented by Pittsburgh steelworkers consisting of some...  
29. Yinz: multiple people. yinz better stop  
30. Toucan Sam: Chipped ham, thinly sliced ham  
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A nickname for St. Louis, originating in the Native American burial mounds that were once common to the city.

When I first moved to the area, this is one of the odd foods I found out about that is a regional favorite. Squeaky cheese is simply a bit of the curd taken out before the rest of the cheese is aged. It squeaks when you eat it. People from 'round these parts take pride in their squeaky cheese.

General Motors and Ford, the two major automotive companies in the city.

A reference to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team when they lose.

Dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" by Notre Dame alumni, "The Word of Life," constructed by Millard Sheets, is a mural on the face of the university's Hesburgh Library. Easily viewed from the football stadium, the piece features the looming figure of the resurrected Jesus with arms raised like a referee signaling a touchdown.