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166. Ice-Line Park: Common name for West Goshen Park, referred to as such because the Ice-Line building is visible from almost any port...  
167. Pat's King of Steaks: According to Pat, "the originator of the Philly Steak and the Cheese Steak."  
168. Geno's Steaks: A great place for cheese steaks right next to Pat's--a competing cheese steak locale. Geno's was started in the 60'...  
169. AI: Allen Iverson has played the majority of his career with the 76ers, during which "AI" was the most common nickname.  
170. Answer, The: A common nickname for former 76ers guard, Allen Iverson.  
171. Round Mound of Rebound: Charles Barkley played half (the "better" half) of his career with the Sixers, during which he was called the Round...  
172. Wooder: This is what 'water' sounds like when pronounced by a local Philadelphian.  
173. Derry Church Artisan Chocolates: Derry Church Artisan Chocolates produces some of the most unusual and unique, high-end French chocolate bon bons on...
174. Jagger bush: Any bush that has thornlike or prickly protrusions in abundance, thus causing severe pain when ending up in one whi...  
175. gob: A southwestern PA specialty consisting of two chocolate cake "patties" with a creamy center icing made from Crisco,...  
176. Shadyside: Formerly an area known for its head shops, hippies and the coolest place to live, now an eclectic neighborhood adja...  
177. Monongahela eel: condoms  
178. Lansburghs: 'gobs'--- due to the fact that Mom packed them in clothing boxes from Lansburghs department store.  
179. Paymint: Known as the sidewalk everywhere else, Philadelphians refer to the walking spaces on the sides of streets as the "p...  
180. Acme: The prominent grocery store in Philadelphia. Usually referred to as "Ac-a-me."
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Refers to the laid-back atmosphere, where it is not common for people to arrive 10 minutes late for meetings

Bauble, trinket. Usually used when describing the items tourists buy in Times Square to remind them of their trip to NYC. Also known as schlock or kitsch.

Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...

1. To out of state folks "TYME machine" sounds like a "time machine". If you leave the state and ask for a TYME machine you will likely be given a blank stare. To us it is the generic term for a cash machine, to everyone else it is a futuristic machine that doesn't exist.

2. This is Madison speak for ATM. Many newcomers are puzzled when an old-school Wisconsinite asks them for a "Tyme machine."

Milwaukee-speak for clear soda, such as 7-Up or Sprite.

A person so transfixed by gambling machines that he or she becomes virtually oblivious to the rest of the world.