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151. Xochitl: An upscale Mexican restaurant and bar on South 2nd Street.  
152. Fox Chase Farm: A working educational farm in the Northeast Philadelphia area that sometimes hosts public events such as apple fest...  
153. Bob & Barbara's: Bob & Barbara's Lounge on South Street was voted one of 'America's Best Dive Bars'.  
154. Troc, The: Nickname for the Trocadero, one of Philly's most popular live music venues.  
155. Punk Rock Flea Market: The annual Punk Rock Flea Market at the Starlight Ballroom features over 100 vendors as well as a full bar and food...  
156. Pots and Pans: A famous (or infamous) Philadelphia street musician who plays music using a variety of household items including si...  
157. Boo Birds: Philadelphia Eagles fans who boo the team when they're not performing well.  
158. Sixers: Nickname for the Philadelphia 76er's, Philly's NBA team.  
159. St. Joe's: St. Joe's is short for Philadelphia's St. Joseph's University.  
160. 215, The: Philadelphia's area code and a colloquial term for Philadelphia itself, as in the following sentence: "Allen Ive...  
161. Red up: to clean up or tidy up  
162. Pittsburgher: Slang name for those that live in Pittsburgh.  
163. Philadelphian: The common name for someone that lives in the Philadelphia area.  
164. Shannahoes: Nickname for the female population of the local Catholic high school, Bishop Shannahan.  
165. Go in High, Come out Gay: Actually Gay St is one way in(westerly) and the you can go out High (north or south)  
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Common phrase that you learn and laugh at in elementary school in WC. Refers to the fact that you can go into town via High Street, then hang a right on Gay Street and exit town to the east side.

Joe the Plumber, actually Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, became an instant celebrity when John McCain mentioned him (several times) in the third presidential debate for the 2008 election. Apparently "Joe" asked Barack Obama's plan to tax people making over $250,000 because he was about to buy a plumbing business that makes about that much money. After the debate he soon became the poster child for the American workingman (or woman) who would get taxed a greater amount on his hard-earned income. Wurzelbacher now has his own agents and is reported to have been offered a country music contract with a major label. It has yet to be seen whether "Joe the Plumber" can turn his 15 minutes of fame into something more sustainable, or if he should stick to his plumbing gig.

Refers to the affable demeanor rumored to be common in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas (although the validity of this stereotype is the subject of some disagreement).

An avocado.

Fargo is one of the many US cities to claim to be the Gateway to the West, a luxury apparently afforded to any town east of the West.