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151. Xochitl: An upscale Mexican restaurant and bar on South 2nd Street.  
152. Fox Chase Farm: A working educational farm in the Northeast Philadelphia area that sometimes hosts public events such as apple fest...  
153. Bob & Barbara's: Bob & Barbara's Lounge on South Street was voted one of 'America's Best Dive Bars'.  
154. Troc, The: Nickname for the Trocadero, one of Philly's most popular live music venues.  
155. Punk Rock Flea Market: The annual Punk Rock Flea Market at the Starlight Ballroom features over 100 vendors as well as a full bar and food...  
156. Pots and Pans: A famous (or infamous) Philadelphia street musician who plays music using a variety of household items including si...  
157. Boo Birds: Philadelphia Eagles fans who boo the team when they're not performing well.  
158. Sixers: Nickname for the Philadelphia 76er's, Philly's NBA team.  
159. St. Joe's: St. Joe's is short for Philadelphia's St. Joseph's University.  
160. 215, The: Philadelphia's area code and a colloquial term for Philadelphia itself, as in the following sentence: "Allen Ive...  
161. Red up: to clean up or tidy up  
162. Pittsburgher: Slang name for those that live in Pittsburgh.  
163. Philadelphian: The common name for someone that lives in the Philadelphia area.  
164. Shannahoes: Nickname for the female population of the local Catholic high school, Bishop Shannahan.  
165. Go in High, Come out Gay: Actually Gay St is one way in(westerly) and the you can go out High (north or south)  
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Bassett Street came within a vote of being renamed Ho Chi Minh Trail in the early 1970's as a protest against the Viet Nam War.

Mr. Hill is a hilarious local comedian who does THE best impression of President Obama. You can catch his impression on YouTube during interviews with the local Milwaukee press.

A person from Connecticut

A slang name for the town of Oroville, CA; Often used by the more fortunate residents when describing the less than desirable aspects of the area: high unemployment, considerable lower-middle class population, conservative politics, scarcity of culture, abundance of roadside fast food strips, etc. Historically, Oroville has roots linking it to California's Gold Rush era. Its name is coined from the Spanish word for gold ("oro") and a truncated, slang diminutive for village (-ville), thus inspiring its local promotional tagline, "The City of Gold."

A way of chugging an alcoholic beverage by holding it with your bicep and forearm. Named after the town of origin, Saukville Wisconsin.