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136. Shops at Liberty Place, The: An upscale shopping mall in the downtown area.  
137. One and Two Liberty Place: Philadelphia's two tallest skyscrapers.  
138. Zipperhead: A punk-rock music and clothing store on South Street.  
139. Essene: A well-stocked natural foods store on 4th Street near the South Street area. they even have a tasty little eatery ...  
140. Headhouse Books: A friendly local bookstore on S. 2nd Street.  
141. Laff house: One of Philadelphia's best entertainment venues-a comedy club featuring nationally known comedians and local talent...  
142. E-Tea: An internet café on South Street that serves coffee and bubble tea.  
143. Philadelphia Java Company: A favorite neighborhood coffee shop; where the locals go to get their 'joe'.  
144. Chef's Market: A gourmet grocery store and café on South Street; a staple of the local foodie scene since 1985.  
145. Broad Street: AKA "Avenue of the Arts"; a main north/south road through Philadelphia, interrupted only by Penn Square at John F. ...  
146. Grays Ferry Avenue: Provides a great view of the Philadelphia skyline at night.  
147. Fireman's Hall Museum: A museum that celebrates the history of Philadelphia firefighting, located in a restored Old City firehouse.  
148. Fightin Phils: Nickname for the Philadelphia Phillies, the city's major league baseball team.  
149. Philadelphia Flyers: Philly's professional hockey team.  
150. South Philly Tap Room: An excellent eatery with an impressive beer list; there is even an organic variety on tap.  
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