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61. Cock’n’Balls: A favorite doughnut at Voodoo doughnuts, the punk rock doughnut shop on 3rd in SW and Sandy in NE shaped like, well...  
62. Rose City Rollers: Portland’s very own roller derby league. 6 teams of 140+ bad ass girls you’d like to take home duke it out during b...  
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Marinara sauce

An avocado.

In irresponsible (yet funny) fashion, the UW student government orchestrated an early-morning smattering of pink flamingos (over 1,000 of them) on the lawn in from of Bascom Hall. These shenanigans were typical of the student government in those days (this prank in 1979). For years pink flamingos would adorn apartments, dorm rooms, and front lawns around campus.

A six-legged cat beast in Cherokee mythology that has different story variations, depending on where you are (Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee).

A term for Detroit coined by former president Franklin Roosevelt during the second World War to describe the transition of the Ford Motor Company's production from cars to tanks.