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16. Kidz Korner: Toy Store, Baby Boutique, Educational Toys, Baby Shower Gifts, Kids Art Supplies, Childrens Shoes, Toddler Apparel,...
17. Napoli's Italian Restaurant: Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Italian Food, Bars, Pizza, Italian Lunch Specials, Food Places, Italian Fine Dini...
18. Choice Realty - Metro Brokers of Oklahoma: Not to become the ones crooked as a barrel of fish hooks, but fair and straightforward, we are the real estate agen...
19. American National Insurance Co: Combrink Insurance Agency: When we offer the best insurance, annuities plans, at American National Insurance Co: Combrink Insurance Agency in ...  
20. One Way Plumbing: To call the residential, commercial plumbing providers in Tulsa, OK, which agree, if they want to survive, not bein...
21. Adams Piano Studio: Visit Adams Piano Studio for all your piano needs. Learn piano with our tailor-made courses based on your needs and...
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A nickname for Scottsdale, due to its rich Western cowboy history.

1. Freedom Tower, formallly 1 World Trade Center, is the building currently under construction at Ground Zero, the site of the former World Trade Center towers that collapsed with the 9/11 attacks.

2. In March this year they dropped the Freedom Tower name for "1 World Trade Center". It will be 1776 feet high, giving it an extra dose of America.

Slang term for "westbank" - An area on the oppisite side of the mississippi river from new orleans.

Guy in midtown Atlanta who marches around, twirling a baton. An inspiration for many.

1. Also referred to as the Ban roll-on building, just as a similar building in Portland, Oregon is called.

2. A common nickname for the Second and Seneca Building because of its resemblance to the blue, dome-headed droid in Star Wars.