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1. Three Way: Spagetti topped with chilli and shredded cheddar cheese.  
2. Four Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) with the addition of either diced onions or red beans.  
3. Five Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.  
1. Skyline Chili: This late-night eatery is packed well into the wee hours. A Cincinnati institution whose signature take on chili ha...
2. Porkopolis Tavern & Grill: A Cincinnati landmark, Porkopolis Tavern & Grill is a historic restaurant located atop Mount Adams. The building us...
3. Blind Lemon, The: The Blind Lemon is great bar located atop Mount Adams in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bar has a wonderful outside patio ar...
1. Mt. Adams Neighborhood
2. Banks, The: A mixed residential, business, and nightlife section of the city located on the banks of the river.  
1. Virtual Fiesta: An event to raise money for Shoulder to Shoulder, a nonprofit that provides medical care to poor children.  
2. Riverfest: Cincinnati's Labor Day celebration, complete with fireworks.  
3. Macy's Music Festival: One of the largest and longest running R&B festivals, hosted by the city of Cincinnati.  
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