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121. Tavern on the Hill
122. Daveed's at 934
123. Joe the Plumber: Joe the Plumber, actually Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, became an instant celebrity when John McCain mentioned him (s...  
124. wash: Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.  
125. treelawn: The grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb, usually owned by the city.  
126. devil-strip: noun - called the "easement" or "treelawn" in other localities, the "devil-strip" is what we call the grassy strip ...  
127. Rubber City: Akron’s history and the history of the rubber industry are intertwined. The rubber industry transformed Akron from ...  
128. LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James is called "LBJ" by many. This nickname is picking up some steam as of this 20...  
129. Four Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) with the addition of either diced onions or red beans.  
130. Five Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.  
131. Jake, The: (noun) Nickname for Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field), home of the Cleveland Indians.  
132. Tribe, The: Nickname for the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  
133. Rapid, The: (noun) Nickname for the RTA's Rapid Transit trains.  
134. Deadman's Curve: Notorious nearly right angle turn on Interstate 90 in the southeastern section of downtown.  
135. Tri-C: Frequently used term for Cuyahoga Community College.  
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Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.

Creek, river, stream, etc.

A stupid person; short for "bucket head".

A very unique term to New Orleans for the median of a street. The Spanish and French, who effectively split the city in two, could do business on the "neutral ground" of city streets.

The correct reference to Pleasant Valley. Friends don't let friends move to west LR.