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121. Harry London Candies, Inc.: Since 1922, Harry London Candies has been producing fine chocolates and candies in Canton, OH.
122. Wilson NFL Football Factory: I purchased a new Wilson NFL football at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, home of Peyton Manning ...  
123. Ohio Northern University  
124. Golden Lamb, The: A historic inn and restaurant in Lebanon, Ohio.
125. Cantonian: The slang term for someone that is from Canton. Not to be confused with an NFL Hall of Fame player.  
126. Cinncinnatian: A not so often used term for those that live Cincinnati.  
127. Clevelander: People that grew up or live in Cleveland, Ohio.  
128. City View Tavern  
129. Tavern on the Hill
130. Daveed's at 934
131. Joe the Plumber: Joe the Plumber, actually Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, became an instant celebrity when John McCain mentioned him (s...  
132. wash: Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.  
133. treelawn: The grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb, usually owned by the city.  
134. devil-strip: noun - called the "easement" or "treelawn" in other localities, the "devil-strip" is what we call the grassy strip ...  
135. Rubber City: Akron’s history and the history of the rubber industry are intertwined. The rubber industry transformed Akron from ...  
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Past Words of the Day

1. Children's street game of bygone days, involving pink Spalding (or "spaldeen") ball and broomstick. Now sadly defunct.

2. A street game that resembles baseball, played with a broomstick and a "spaldeen" ball. The game was also played in Jersey, but is largely just a thing of the past. (At least in New York -- you can still find kids playing such games, often called "ba-te" in the streets of Latin American countries.)

1. Hafa Adai (pronounced "half a day") is "hello" in Guam's native Chamorro language. It's used more or less the same way as "aloha" is used as a greeting on the Hawaiian Islands.

2. Can also be close to "what's up" in its meaning. Just "hafa" is often used, but it's the informal usage.

Take a left (while driving).

Bags, also known as bean bag toss, is a nickname for Cornhole, a game originating in Ohio. The game requires two boards with a hole in them spaced approximately 30 feet apart. You then throw bean bags (or corn filled bags) towards the boards, with the goal of getting them in the hole. You score 3 points for getting a bag in the hole, and...

A slang name for the town of Oroville, CA; Often used by the more fortunate residents when describing the less than desirable aspects of the area: high unemployment, considerable lower-middle class population, conservative politics, scarcity of culture, abundance of roadside fast food strips, etc. Historically, Oroville has roots linking it to California's Gold Rush era. Its name is coined from the Spanish word for gold ("oro") and a truncated, slang diminutive for village (-ville), thus inspiring its local promotional tagline, "The City of Gold."