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106. Francis International Market: A friendly international food store on Colerain Ave.
107. CAM Supermarket: In Evandale, the largest fully dedicated Asian supermarket in the Greater Cincinnati area.  
108. Akronite: Someone from Akron, Ohio, who owns or hunts on land in the prime deer hunting areas of Southeastern Ohio, such as n...  
109. McKinley Museum and National Memorial: The McKinley Museum and National Memorial is the burial place of the 25th President of the United States with a fun...
110. Pro Football Hall of Fame: Honoring the great players of the professional football world since 1920. Located in Canton, Ohio.
111. National First Ladies' Library: An archive located in the Saxton McKinley House devoted to educating people about the contributions of First Ladies...
112. Canton Classic Car Museum: The Canton Classic Car Museum was established by the late Marshall Belden, Sr in 1978. The museum currently exhibit...  
113. Harry London Candies, Inc.: Since 1922, Harry London Candies has been producing fine chocolates and candies in Canton, OH.
114. Wilson NFL Football Factory: I purchased a new Wilson NFL football at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, home of Peyton Manning ...  
115. Ohio Northern University  
116. Golden Lamb, The: A historic inn and restaurant in Lebanon, Ohio.
117. Cantonian: The slang term for someone that is from Canton. Not to be confused with an NFL Hall of Fame player.  
118. Cinncinnatian: A not so often used term for those that live Cincinnati.  
119. Clevelander: People that grew up or live in Cleveland, Ohio.  
120. City View Tavern  
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Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best.

A spuckie is a word used to describe a submarine (sub) sandwich. It comes from the Italian word "spucadella" which is an italian sandwich roll. It most likely came from the Italians in the North End and elsewhere...

City north of Boston named for Paul Revere. EX: "I'm takin' my buddy to The Squiya in Reveah for his batchella pahty".

A reference to the three main stars on the Boston Celtics--Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The term was popularized by an ESPN commercial in which Scott Van Pelt is met with a barrage of potential nicknames from the "Big Three" themselves. After hearing a bunch of bizarre ones--and a lame one in the "Three Amigos"--Van Pelt simply silences them with the genius "Boston Three Party".

A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.