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76. Paul Brown Stadium: Home of the Cincinnati Bengals football team.  
77. Banks, The: A mixed residential, business, and nightlife section of the city located on the banks of the river.  
78. Virtual Fiesta: An event to raise money for Shoulder to Shoulder, a nonprofit that provides medical care to poor children.  
79. Over-the-Rhine: A historic district between the downtown and Clifton Heights sections of Cincinnati that retains many nuances of th...  
80. Cincy: Common nickname for Cincinnati.  
81. Fountain Square: The symbolic center of Cincinnati and location of the famous water fountain featured in the opening credits of "WKR...  
82. WKRP in Cincinnati: A late 70s-early 80s sitcom set in Cincinnati.  
83. Carew Tower: The tallest building in Cincinnati, a 49-story national historic landmark located in the downtown area.  
84. Bogart's: A seminal live music venue that has seen some of the biggest names in entertainment cross its stage since the 1770s...  
85. CBA: Acronym for the Cincinnati Broomball Association. Broomball is a game similar to hockey and indoor soccer, played ...  
86. Queen City, The: A nickname for Cincinnati.  
87. Riverfest: Cincinnati's Labor Day celebration, complete with fireworks.  
88. Goetta: A regional dish with German roots, a patty made with pork, beef, and oats.  
89. Cincinnati-Style Chili: The Cincinnati version has less viscosity than the traditional Texas-style, and different spices that render it mor...  
90. Chicken Ranch Pizza: This unusual combination is essentially just what it sounds like; a pizza with chicken, provolone cheese and an ass...  
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