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61. treelawn: The grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb, usually owned by the city.  
62. devil-strip: noun - called the "easement" or "treelawn" in other localities, the "devil-strip" is what we call the grassy strip ...  
63. Rubber City: Akron’s history and the history of the rubber industry are intertwined. The rubber industry transformed Akron from ...  
64. LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James is called "LBJ" by many. This nickname is picking up some steam as of this 20...  
65. Four Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) with the addition of either diced onions or red beans.  
66. Five Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.  
67. Jake, The: (noun) Nickname for Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field), home of the Cleveland Indians.  
68. Tribe, The: Nickname for the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  
69. Rapid, The: (noun) Nickname for the RTA's Rapid Transit trains.  
70. Deadman's Curve: Notorious nearly right angle turn on Interstate 90 in the southeastern section of downtown.  
71. Tri-C: Frequently used term for Cuyahoga Community College.  
72. Shoreway, The: (noun) A freeway along Lake Erie going through downtown linking the west side and east side.  
73. Gold Coast: (noun) Section of northeastern Lakewood along Lake Erie known for its luxury high-rise residential buildings.  
74. Ascension: (noun) Common shorthand for Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal church on Detroit Avenue.  
75. Birdtown: (noun) Section of southeastern Lakewood featuring many streets named for birds.  
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A slang name for the town of Oroville, CA; Often used by the more fortunate residents when describing the less than desirable aspects of the area: high unemployment, considerable lower-middle class population, conservative politics, scarcity of culture, abundance of roadside fast food strips, etc. Historically, Oroville has roots linking it to California's Gold Rush era. Its name is coined from the Spanish word for gold ("oro") and a truncated, slang diminutive for village (-ville), thus inspiring its local promotional tagline, "The City of Gold."

Nickname for none other than Larry Bird, native of French Lick and one of the best basketball players of all time.

(noun) Common nickname for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a daily newspaper.

A holiday, similar to Valentine's Day, celebrated the third Saturday in October. This holiday was invented by candy confectioners to sell more candy, but it is taken pretty seriously in Milwaukee.

In January 1996, a blizzard hit and shut down NYC. Hundreds of stranded travelers were forced to live in the terminals of JFK Airport for two days, since even buses and taxis were immobilized.