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61. treelawn: The grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb, usually owned by the city.  
62. devil-strip: noun - called the "easement" or "treelawn" in other localities, the "devil-strip" is what we call the grassy strip ...  
63. Rubber City: Akron’s history and the history of the rubber industry are intertwined. The rubber industry transformed Akron from ...  
64. LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James is called "LBJ" by many. This nickname is picking up some steam as of this 20...  
65. Four Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) with the addition of either diced onions or red beans.  
66. Five Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.  
67. Jake, The: (noun) Nickname for Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field), home of the Cleveland Indians.  
68. Tribe, The: Nickname for the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  
69. Rapid, The: (noun) Nickname for the RTA's Rapid Transit trains.  
70. Deadman's Curve: Notorious nearly right angle turn on Interstate 90 in the southeastern section of downtown.  
71. Tri-C: Frequently used term for Cuyahoga Community College.  
72. Shoreway, The: (noun) A freeway along Lake Erie going through downtown linking the west side and east side.  
73. Gold Coast: (noun) Section of northeastern Lakewood along Lake Erie known for its luxury high-rise residential buildings.  
74. Ascension: (noun) Common shorthand for Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal church on Detroit Avenue.  
75. Birdtown: (noun) Section of southeastern Lakewood featuring many streets named for birds.  
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These are the famous sausages.

The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company, features 5 moscots: Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage and Chorizo. The mascots run around the field and fans get to...

A pervasive New York City urban legend tells of infant alligators brought back from Florida vacations and subsequently flushed down toilets only to form scattered colonies of full-grown alligators thriving beneath the city streets. Some versions describe the alligators as albino, having lost their pigment from living in the dark sewers for generations.

A rather obvious variation of "Rabobank", a Netherlands-based banking group that failed to change its name upon entering the Southern California market where it sounds as if the bank wants people to steal its money. 'Rabo' is also an informal word in Spanish for 'tail' (as in an animal's tail).

A nickname originally given to the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp by its Confederate prisoners. Hellmira can still be used as a derogatory term for the city of Elmira itself.

1. Going Great White is a funny mockumentary filmed in Oregon, WI by two Oregonians, Frank G Caruso and Frank X Sommers. Done in the same style as "Best in Show," "Going Great White" pokes fun at the world of Multi-Level Marketing with an over-the-top depiction of a fictional company, ONITRAC. Throughout the film, a camera crew follows around a number of different characters who try to push ONITRAC on family, friends, and co-workers in hopes of winning an award at the upcoming national convention. There are many laughs to be had with this one. However, if you're a multi-level marketer yourself, you might not find it funny.

2. Awesome mockumentary about ONITRAC, a fictional MLM scheme that is frighteningly similar to real MLM schemes. It is a little over-the-top, but unfortunately its portrayal of the pyramid scheme world isn't too far from reality.