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46. Pro Football Hall of Fame: Honoring the great players of the professional football world since 1920. Located in Canton, Ohio.
47. National First Ladies' Library: An archive located in the Saxton McKinley House devoted to educating people about the contributions of First Ladies...
48. Canton Classic Car Museum: The Canton Classic Car Museum was established by the late Marshall Belden, Sr in 1978. The museum currently exhibit...  
49. Harry London Candies, Inc.: Since 1922, Harry London Candies has been producing fine chocolates and candies in Canton, OH.
50. Wilson NFL Football Factory: I purchased a new Wilson NFL football at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, home of Peyton Manning ...  
51. Ohio Northern University  
52. Golden Lamb, The: A historic inn and restaurant in Lebanon, Ohio.
53. Cantonian: The slang term for someone that is from Canton. Not to be confused with an NFL Hall of Fame player.  
54. Cinncinnatian: A not so often used term for those that live Cincinnati.  
55. Clevelander: People that grew up or live in Cleveland, Ohio.  
56. City View Tavern  
57. Tavern on the Hill
58. Daveed's at 934
59. Joe the Plumber: Joe the Plumber, actually Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, became an instant celebrity when John McCain mentioned him (s...  
60. wash: Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.  
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