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136. LBJ: Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James is called "LBJ" by many. This nickname is picking up some steam as of this 20...  
137. Four Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) with the addition of either diced onions or red beans.  
138. Five Way: A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.  
139. Jake, The: (noun) Nickname for Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field), home of the Cleveland Indians.  
140. Tribe, The: Nickname for the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  
141. Rapid, The: (noun) Nickname for the RTA's Rapid Transit trains.  
142. Deadman's Curve: Notorious nearly right angle turn on Interstate 90 in the southeastern section of downtown.  
143. Tri-C: Frequently used term for Cuyahoga Community College.  
144. Shoreway, The: (noun) A freeway along Lake Erie going through downtown linking the west side and east side.  
145. Gold Coast: (noun) Section of northeastern Lakewood along Lake Erie known for its luxury high-rise residential buildings.  
146. Ascension: (noun) Common shorthand for Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal church on Detroit Avenue.  
147. Birdtown: (noun) Section of southeastern Lakewood featuring many streets named for birds.  
148. Hopkins: (noun) Common shorthand for Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport.  
149. Cincinnati Bengals: Official name for the National Football league team in Cincinnati, OH. Part of the American Football Conference (A...  
150. Cleveland Browns: Official name for the National Football League team in Cleveland, OH. Part of the American Football Conference (AF...  
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"So much Buckeye, so little time" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

1. A day shift manager at a grocery store who has hilarious encounters with employees and customers. Poor Chad Vader, younger brother to Darth Vader, just doesn't relate to people.

2. Chad Vader is a character from a series of short videos produced locally by Blame Society Productions at the Willy Street Co-op. Chad Vader is younger brother to Darth Vader and works ineffectively as a day shift manager. The first episode was popularized through different social networking sites and has bee seen nearly 8 million times on Youtube.

Sarcastic reference to Santa Monica's tenant-friendly rent-control laws. The expression is popular among landlords in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles.

1. The area is defined by many oil industry related companies and large corporations, such as ExxonMobil and Shell. Also it is home to residential neighborhoods, restaurants, and parks.

2. A district located along Memorial Drive and Eldridge Parkway where much of Houston's oil industry is localized.

An adjective used to describe something that is Wisconsin-like, or a noun that simply means Wisconsinite. Wisconsinites are often called "Sconnies" outside of the state. The word is now gaining traction within Wisconsin as well, largely the result of the company "Sconnie Nation" that was founded by two UW-Madison students in their Lakeshore dorm room.

A baked casserole dish that is commonly eaten in Minnesota homes. Popular varieties include Tator Tot hotdish, Party Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean casserole and Wild Rice casserole. Many of these are cooked with Campbell's Soup such as Cream of Chicken.