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  1. Cornhill is the what has always been defined as Utica's most dangerous area to live in. There is a lot of violence, drugs and murders. I've always known the Cornhill as the area between; Eagle St to the Parkway, and from Oneida St to Mohawk Street. It’s a large chunk of the East Side of Utica. Over the last 3 years there have been alot of improvements to the area such as more patrolling from the UPD, but a lot more street lights wouldn't hurt anyone! Posted by: upstate on May 15, 2009 (1) (0)
  2. Very black, and very dangerous area. If you stand at the border of the Cornhill section you can hear the "click" of people hitting their car door locks as they drive in. Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 26, 2014 (0) (0)
  3. i grew up on neilsen and eagle, yes i know it was hard out there. my sister and i now live in california, also not the best place. but hey, cornhill isn't safe for everyone. being scared of a drive-by or cops breaking down your door can make a person really paranoid. I'm just trying to live better by being 3000 miles away from cornhill, all of utica isnt so bad, its actually beautiful Posted by: leotard on Nov 09, 2012 (0) (0)
  4. Cornhill is a GHETTO. Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 26, 2012 (0) (0)
  5. I don't know about a lot of murders unless you are comparing it to the rest of Utica which has virtually none.

    The Cornhill area is progressively getting better. A lot of Bosnian immigrants have moved in and bought property to fix it up. Posted by: Anonymous on Jul 01, 2011 (0) (0)
  6. Cornhill is shot to hell circa 2011...when I was a child you could walk the streets most anytime(when the police didn't find you) without a problem.You couldn't afford to live in Cornhill when I was born to 6 years of age,there were no holes like there is now.everyone knew everyone on their block.Cornhill got it's name from being a cornfield before the rich families bought properties,..the Brinkerhoffs,the Dudleys,The Taylors,etc.Chris's on the corner of Neilsen and Square. My homes were on Neilsen,Brinkerhoff,Taylor,Eagle,Seymour,Kemble. Only one house still stands...on Neilsen. Posted by: Grimloc on Jun 29, 2011 (0) (0)
  7. Just a slight correction to specnic. It's Pleasant St. on the south and South St. on the north. Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 22, 2010 (0) (0)
  8. tburd we must have grown up at the same time. I lived on High St. and can remember walking over to Harold's store. There was another store - Tom's on the corner of Steuben and James that we use to walk to as well. I also lived on the 1500 block Taylor Avenue. From what I have read that whole area is totally changed. It was a good place to live in the 50's - early 70's. Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 23, 2010 (0) (0)
  9. Cornhill was my hometown. I grew up on Wall St. What a beautiful neighborhood; there were big beautiful trees that lined the streets. I remember walking to Kemble school everyday from Kindergarten thru Eighth grade. My friends and I would go to George's store on the corner of James and Elm to buy candy at lunch time. There also used to be a corner store on Addington St and Steuben called 'Harolds'. I remember the huge chestnut tree that stood right in front of the store. The store was so small and had a green awning that captured the falling chestnuts. Harold would give the kids candy when they brought their report cards in to show him. We'd go to James Street park and swim in the cement pool. Funny how we'd skin our knees and toes at the bottom of the pool. As we got older, we'd walk to Addison Miller to swim. The Utica Zoo was free, my friends and I would walk up there weekly to see the animals. I attended and graduated from Utica Free Academy. What great times!! Posted by: tburd (YouNews) on Jul 07, 2010 (0) (0)
  10. The defined borders of Cornhill are Genesee St on the West, Mohawk St on the East, Rutger St on the South and Pleasant St on the North. Posted by: specnic on May 14, 2010 (0) (0)
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