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166. Ray's Famous Pizza: There are several Ray's Famous Pizza restaurants in NYC, more than one claiming to be "The World-Famous Original Ra...  
167. Killa Queens: Slang for Queens  
168. Boogie Down, The: Slang for The Bronx  
169. Ass-out: Broke, as in ass-out of money.  
170. Ass-load: A lot, a large amount  
171. Aaaah Shaddaaaap: Be quiet, shut up.  
172. Aggro: Upset/aggravated  
173. I'm about that.: I would like to participate in that.  
174. Action: New York slang for sex  
175. Plaza Hotel: A landmark 19-story luxury hotel near Fifth Avenue and Central Park.  
176. Papaya King: According to the Zagat dining guide, "the best stand-up lunch in the city" and "the Crown Jewels of Hot Doggery."  
177. Gray's Papaya: Gray's Papaya has very good and very cheap hot dogs, as well as pineapple and papaya drinks. They are open 24-7 all...  
178. Street Fairs: One of NYC's unique customs, a sort of amped-up flea market with food, music, and a variety of other celebratory ac...  
179. Village Voice, The: A free weekly newspaper in NYC that features social commentary, cultural event listings, arts reviews, etc.  
180. Ellis Island: The symbol of American immigration and a popular tourist spot, located off the southern tip of Manhattan.  
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