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Albany Schools

1. SUNY Albany: Founded as a Albany Teachers College in the 19th century, now is one of the State University of New York's Universi...  
2. Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage: You can get a cheap but skillful massage from the students at this local masseuse boot camp.  
3. Saint Rose: A private roman catholic college located between Madison and Western Avenues in the Pine Hills Area. Known for tea...  
4. Albany Med: Albany Medical School, located adjoining Albany Medicial Center on New Scotland Avenue.  
5. Albany Law: Albany Law School, located on the south side of New Scotland Avenue across from Albany Med  
6. Downtown Campus: Refers to the original campus of SUNY Albany, between Washington and Western Avenues near Washington Park.  
7. Downtown Dorms: The original domitory complex of SUNY Albany between Washington and Western Avenues at Ontario Street, now shared b...  
8. Uptown Campus: Refers to SUNY Albany's largest campus between Washington and Western Avenues at the western side of the city. Con...  
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"Smallbany: Yes, we're the capital of New York" Edit | History
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