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1. Smallbany: A derogatory local nickname for Albany invoked by its more disenchanted residents.  
2. Student Ghetto, The: Refers to the enclave of undergrads housed around the corner of Quail Street and Western Avenue.  
3. A.I.R.: A neat indoor climbing and spelunking center.  
4. Honest Weight Food Co-op: A well-stocked natural foods store on Central Ave with a great bulk section and even a cheese counter.  
5. At the Market: An architectural salvage place that also houses a weekend market featuring local vendors.  
6. CEC: The Cultural Education Center, located at the south end of the Empire State Plaza, houses the New York State Archiv...  
7. Egg, The: The popular nickname for the Center for the Performing Arts, an oddball structure that looks like an egg suspended ...  
8. Capitol Hill: The area in metropolitan Albany where most of the government buildings are located.  
9. Center Square: The neighborhood surrounded by the State Capitol, Empire State Plaza and Washington Park.  
10. Washington Park: Albany's historical park, designed by the same architects as New York City's Central Park.  
11. New York State Education Building: The headquarters of the New York State education department, the entity responsible for the production and administ...  
12. St. Peter's: St Peter's Episcopal Church, a National Historic Landmark built in 1859 and known for its architecture.  
13. Washington Street Armory: A sports and convention arena that is home to the Albany Patroons Basketball Team.  
14. Kenmore Hotel: Now an office building, the lobby still features memorabilia from the Kenmore's stint as a popular hotel and nightc...
15. Lark Street: A funky little section of town with an interesting mix of little shops, coffeehouses and restaurants.  
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"Smallbany: Yes, we're the capital of New York" Edit | History
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