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541. Loisaida: The Spanish (or Spanglish) pronunciation of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This neighborhood is largely Hispanic...  
542. Nuyorican: A word that means New York Puerto Rican, obviously coming from a combination of the two terms. The Puerto Rican pre...  
543. boricua: Boricua is a nickname for Puerto Ricans. Borinquen is what the native Taínos called what is now Puerto Rico. Puerto...  
544. Neorican: Neorican is a word used for a Puerto Rican living in New York or a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent. In Pu...  
545. AAH-ringe: This is how a New Yorker might say "orange".  
546. Murray's: In the West Village, this is one of the best cheese shops in the country because of its amazing cheese selection an...
547. SoHo: A neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of NYC that means "South of Houston." This is just one of New York City's a...  
548. J-Lo: Popular nickname for actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. She's from the Bronx and is currently married to fellow "ne...  
549. Marc Anthony: Marc Anthony is a New York City native who sings ballads in both English and Spanish. His given name is Marco Anton...  
550. Sultan of Swat: One of the nicknames for New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth.  
551. Great Bambino, The: A nickname for Babe Ruth, the legendary New York Yankee.  
552. Hungarian Pastry Shop: Not at all fancy, but features amazing pastries/baked goods. Located just a few blocks from the Columbia campus.  
553. Bronxite: Those that are from the Bronx.  
554. Brooklynite: Someone who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Funny enough, someone from Brooklyn speaks Brooklynese.  
555. Brooklynese: The dialect of speech spoken by someone who grew up and lives in Brooklyn.  
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In the basement.

A local motto in recent years used to promote the city’s eccentricity and diversity. It's featured on innumerable bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Nickname given to the city of Boulder, alluding to its left-leaning populace.

Original nickname for the Syracuse University sports teams. No, it has nothing to do with crackers, but rather Syracuse's prominence in the salt trade. The Saltine Warriors then became the Orangemen, and then the more gender-neutral Orange.

1. Tonic is the common generic term in Boston for soft drink.

2. Soda