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541. GW, The: Slang for the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey and Manhattan.  
542. Bad Children Go to Father Baker: I dont know why they donT caonized Father Baker!!! They say he had to preform Miracles! What is Feeding Clothing an...  
543. Allentown: An artsy neighborhood with bars and a diverse crowd.  
544. Elmwood: Boutique shopping, restaurants, worldy  
545. Chippewa: A neighborhood known for its underage drinking, its drunken fights, and its bar-after-bar ambiance.  
546. Hertel: A neighborhood renowned for its Italian heritage, as well as good food and bars.  
547. Como Restaurant: very old Italian Restaurant located in Little Italy, Niagara Falls. GREAT food  
548. Latina Marketplace: Italian wholesale store - great Authentic Italian goods  
549. Seneca Niagara Casino: Seneca Niagara Casino has gambling, 8 eateries, entertainment including concerts, and some shopping. There is also...  
550. Naw: Means no or not. Anything negative can be answered with naw, and quite often is in Utica.  
551. Cornhill: Cornhill is the what has always been defined as Utica's most dangerous area to live in. There is a lot of violence,...  
552. East Utica: Commonly regarded as the portion of Utica that's east of Mohawk Street. East Utica is historically Italian-American...  
553. West Utica: Defined as the area that runs from Genesee St. all the way up to Yorkville. Over the years, the area has slummed do...  
554. North Utica: A nice part of Utica. Home to Riverside Mall.  
555. South Utica: Area with the lowest crime rate in the city and is home to landmarks such as the Uptown Theater, Our Lady of Lourde...  
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A nickname for New York City. Gotham City is a fictional city used in DC Comics, but it is said to be modeled after NYC.

The infamous NYC street vendor hot dog, generally Sabrett's brand shoved haphazardly into a soggy bun and topped with a variety of gloppy condiments. The consumption of this NYC grab-and-go staple is almost an urban rite of passage and the Manhattan version of Russian Roulette.

1. Water moccasin-infested

2. Adj. describing dark, murky areas along the banks of Barton Creek in which water moccasins may lurk. For use when evaluating swimming holes.

The trial involved dozens of people who competed for the fortune of a deceased prospector who left a six-figure fortune for the nebulous cause of scientifically proving the existence of the soul. The judge ruled in favor of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

Rubber Bands.