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541. J & R Music World: The flagship megastore is located on Park Row across from City Hall Park in Manhattan.  
542. Forbidden Planet: This is the one of the best science fiction/comic book/role-playing game stores, located at 13th Street and Broadwa...  
543. Long Island: An island that stretches into the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast. It includes the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn,...  
544. Star Magic: Star Magic "Space Age Gifts" carries all sorts of weird trinkets, science-related items, magic tricks and things th...  
545. Falafel: A popular NYC street food made from fried chickpeas and usually wrapped in a pita bread.  
546. Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake & Desserts: Known simply as "Junior's," Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake & Desserts is a restaurant known for its cheesecake. ...  
547. NYPD: New York Police Department  
548. NYFD: The New York Fire Department, also known as FDNY (Fire Department of New York)  
549. Rescue Me: This television show featuring Denis Leary follows the post-September 11th lives of a group of New York City Fireme...  
550. Corned Beef: A sandwich meat made of brine-cured or pickled beef.  
551. Knish: A Jewish snack food popular in NYC. It is a pocket of dough filled with potato, meat, onions, kasha, or cheese.  
552. New York Style Bagels: A round yeasty bread product with a chewy inside and a browned outside, made by boiling the dough in water and then...  
553. Bialy: A small roll similar to a bagel but with a depression filled with diced onions and poppy seeds in the center instea...  
554. Loisada: It's actually spelled and pronounced "Loisaida"  
555. Zabar's: A must-visit specialty food store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, known for it's bagels, coffee, knishes, smok...  
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A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.

When the city of Indianapolis either bores or annoys its residents.