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526. I'm about that.: I would like to participate in that.  
527. Aggro: Upset/aggravated  
528. Aaaah Shaddaaaap: Be quiet, shut up.  
529. Ass-load: A lot, a large amount  
530. Ass-out: Broke, as in ass-out of money.  
531. Boogie Down, The: Slang for The Bronx  
532. Killa Queens: Slang for Queens  
533. Ray's Famous Pizza: There are several Ray's Famous Pizza restaurants in NYC, more than one claiming to be "The World-Famous Original Ra...  
534. Quad Cinema: A four-theater complex in Greenwich Village that shows foreign and independent films.  
535. Strong Island: Slang for Long Island  
536. Island, The: Short for Long Island  
537. Sardi's: A famed Times Square restaurant and bar, "the toast of Broadway" known for it's collection of celebrity caracatures...  
538. Chock Full O' Nuts: The essential New York "heavenly coffee".  
539. Alphabet City: East Lower Manhattan, where Avenues are called "A" and "B" instead of numbers.  
540. Grand Central: Grand Central Terminal is a major transit nexus that sits between 42nd and 45th streets to the north and south, and...  
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Sarcastic reference to Santa Monica's tenant-friendly rent-control laws. The expression is popular among landlords in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles.

noun - called the "easement" or "treelawn" in other localities, the "devil-strip" is what we call the grassy strip between the street and the sidewalk.

Slang for Victorian houses with multi-colored schemes, such houses line many streets in San Francisco.

A baked casserole dish that is commonly eaten in Minnesota homes. Popular varieties include Tator Tot hotdish, Party Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean casserole and Wild Rice casserole. Many of these are cooked with Campbell's Soup such as Cream of Chicken.

A slower version of Southern hip hop that includes techniques like beat skips and record scratches, originating in Houston some time in the 1990s.