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511. Plaza Hotel: A landmark 19-story luxury hotel near Fifth Avenue and Central Park.  
512. Action: New York slang for sex  
513. I'm about that.: I would like to participate in that.  
514. Aggro: Upset/aggravated  
515. Aaaah Shaddaaaap: Be quiet, shut up.  
516. Ass-load: A lot, a large amount  
517. Ass-out: Broke, as in ass-out of money.  
518. Boogie Down, The: Slang for The Bronx  
519. Killa Queens: Slang for Queens  
520. Ray's Famous Pizza: There are several Ray's Famous Pizza restaurants in NYC, more than one claiming to be "The World-Famous Original Ra...  
521. Quad Cinema: A four-theater complex in Greenwich Village that shows foreign and independent films.  
522. Strong Island: Slang for Long Island  
523. Island, The: Short for Long Island  
524. Sardi's: A famed Times Square restaurant and bar, "the toast of Broadway" known for it's collection of celebrity caracatures...  
525. Chock Full O' Nuts: The essential New York "heavenly coffee".  
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The young woman who serves as Minnesota's state dairy princess wears the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a name selected in a Department of Agriculture contest over fifty years ago. Princess Kay is crowned each August the night before the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, and she makes appearances not only during the Fair's 12-day run, but all year long. She is generally the daughter of dairy farmers. While at the fair, both Princess Kay and the runner-ups sit in a refrigerator in the Empire Commons building and have a replica of their head sculpted out of butter.

To pack snow

1. The Japanese cherry tree that makes the National Cherry Blossom Festival possible. The festival first started in 1934 to commemorate the mayor of Tokyo's gift of 3,000 sakuras to the city of Washington, D.C. The number of trees has since grown to over 6,000.

2. Japanese cherry tree.

1. You may hear the locals refer to the Clinton Presidential Library this way. It does sort of resemble one.

2. I prefer "The Glass Doublewide." It is a beautiful building though...

Children's street game of bygone days, involving pink Spalding (or "spaldeen") ball and broomstick. Now sadly defunct.