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481. Debbie's Kitchen: An Albany vegetarian restaurant on Madison Avenue, known for its huge and tasty meat-free sandwiches.  
482. Miss Albany Diner: A beloved local greasy-spoon known for great food and delightfully cranky waitresses.  
483. Times Square Visitor Center: A great resource in the middle of Times Square that offers free Internet access and public bathrooms-notably diffic...  
484. Bloomie's: Bloomingdale's, a famous high-end department store.  
485. Here is New York: An essay by E.B. White capturing the essence of New York.  
486. Jack Kerouac: One of the infamous Greenwich Village Beat writers, best known as author of "On the Road."  
487. West Side Story: A movie set in Hell's Kitchen that features real tenements that were later demolished to make way for Lincoln Cente...  
488. Martin Scorsese: The famous personality behind many quintessential New York movies, including Taxi Driver and Gangs of New York.  
489. Woody Allen: The prominent New York director is a native of NYC and reportedly can be found playing clarinet in a jazz band in M...  
490. New York Times, The: The premier newspaper not only in New York but in the entire country.  
491. New Yorker: This magazine features weekly reviews of all major artistic and cultural events, as well as social commentary and i...  
492. Tribeca: Short for 'Triangle Below Canal Street'  
493. NoHo: North of Houston St  
494. SoHa: South of Harlem  
495. Nomad: North of Madison Park  
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1. This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time, many students and other renters leave vast piles of unwanted belongings on the curb as they change apartments. These items are often taken home by others as the population garbage picks the piles. When someone asks where you got an item, you reply "Hippie Christmas."

2. Most leases in Madison, Wisconsin go from August 15th to August 14th of the following year. Many students are stuck in no man's land from noon on the 14th to noon on 15th while the owners are turning over the apartments. Some people camp out overnight guarding their earthly possessions. In the aftermath of this multiple-day circus plenty of rancid old pieces of furniture are left out on the curb for opportunistic hippies to snatch.

3. Whether it makes them hippies or not, many UW students wait for Hippie Christmas to furnish their new (but not very new) apartments. It costs a lot of money to furnish a place and college students are often strapped for cash. The trick is to find something that isn't drenched beyond repair. Many finds are quite salvageable.

(noun) Common nickname for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a daily newspaper.

Freedom Cage is the brilliantly oxymoronic name given to the small chunk of asphalt designated as the place of protest outside the Pepsi Center for the Democratic National Convention. The place is separated from the main event by several rows of fences and is tucked away out of sight, effectively deterring any meaningful protest.

As the old adage goes: "Freedom isn't free." That's because it's caged.

In the midst of the debate over the Iraq war, a few US congressmen exercised their freedom to slight the French by renaming french fries and french toast in the congressional cafeteria. Enter "Freedom Fries".

1. The virgin vault was the former all-female Elizabeth Waters dormitory at the University of Wisconsin. It has recently been made co-ed, however, so the virigns have been let out of the vault.

2. Also formerly referred to...