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481. SoHa: South of Harlem  
482. Nomad: North of Madison Park  
483. LIE: Long Island Expressway  
484. BQE: Brooklyn Queens Expressway
485. Nolita: North of Little Italy  
486. Pearl River Mart: A two-floor emporium dedicated to every Chinese trinket imaginable that sits on the northeast corner of Canal Stree...  
487. Belt: Belt Parkway  
488. Harlem: A well-known African-American neighborhood and cultural nexus situated North of Central Park in Manhattan  
489. Macy's Firework Display: The city's best Fourth of July fireworks are launched from the East River.  
490. Museum of the Moving Image: The American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens houses an interesting collection from motion-picture history.  
491. MTA: It's not "Transit" but the "Metropolitan TRANSPORTATION Authority"  
492. Tavern on the Green: A legendary and elaborate restaurant in Central Park.  
493. Schimmel's Knishes: "The Downtown Knish" and the "World's Finest Knishes Since 1910" are made on Houston Street in lower Manhattan. For...  
494. Peanut Butter & Co: A little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village famous for very tasty handmade peanut butter and a variety of peanut bu...  
495. Waldorf Salad: Started at the Waldorf, but recognized all over the country for its unique ingredients, especially the mayonnaise d...  
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Rappers will sometimes call Ft. Myers "Lil Pakistan" because of its relatively high crime rate. Although Pakistan's crime rate is low compared to industrialized countries, people in the US often get the impression that Pakistan is war-torn and crime-ridden, in all places at all times.

In most parts of the world a sieve is a perforated instrument used to strain liquids, but at UW hockey games at the Kohl Center a sieve is the away team's goalie. After every Wisconsin goal the student section engages in a chant that likens the goalie to an instrument that lets things through its grasp.

A nickname for the Allen's Landing area, the place where August C. and John K. Allen stepped ashore in 1836 and staked claim in the city of Houston.

Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.

Take a left (while driving).