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481. Action: New York slang for sex  
482. I'm about that.: I would like to participate in that.  
483. Aggro: Upset/aggravated  
484. Aaaah Shaddaaaap: Be quiet, shut up.  
485. Ass-load: A lot, a large amount  
486. Ass-out: Broke, as in ass-out of money.  
487. Boogie Down, The: Slang for The Bronx  
488. Killa Queens: Slang for Queens  
489. Ray's Famous Pizza: There are several Ray's Famous Pizza restaurants in NYC, more than one claiming to be "The World-Famous Original Ra...  
490. Quad Cinema: A four-theater complex in Greenwich Village that shows foreign and independent films.  
491. Strong Island: Slang for Long Island  
492. Island, The: Short for Long Island  
493. Sardi's: A famed Times Square restaurant and bar, "the toast of Broadway" known for it's collection of celebrity caracatures...  
494. Chock Full O' Nuts: The essential New York "heavenly coffee".  
495. Alphabet City: East Lower Manhattan, where Avenues are called "A" and "B" instead of numbers.  
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Common nickname for the Pennsylvanian Railroad.

A dish similar to the ceviche of South America that includes a marinade of lemon juice, scallions, and coconut. Kelaguen can be made with chicken, seafood, or raw beef. Just as with ceviche, beef kelaguen is "cooked" not by heat but the acid from the lemon juice.

1. A derogatory term for a person born and raised in the city of Troy, New York. The more proper term would be "Trojan."

2. A derogatory name for the city of Troy itself, likening it to a toilet.

A mythical six-legged cat; the mascot of Conway High School.