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451. Nomad: North of Madison Park  
452. LIE: Long Island Expressway  
453. BQE: Brooklyn Queens Expressway
454. Nolita: North of Little Italy  
455. Pearl River Mart: A two-floor emporium dedicated to every Chinese trinket imaginable that sits on the northeast corner of Canal Stree...  
456. Belt: Belt Parkway  
457. Harlem: A well-known African-American neighborhood and cultural nexus situated North of Central Park in Manhattan  
458. Macy's Firework Display: The city's best Fourth of July fireworks are launched from the East River.  
459. Museum of the Moving Image: The American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens houses an interesting collection from motion-picture history.  
460. MTA: It's not "Transit" but the "Metropolitan TRANSPORTATION Authority"  
461. Tavern on the Green: A legendary and elaborate restaurant in Central Park.  
462. Schimmel's Knishes: "The Downtown Knish" and the "World's Finest Knishes Since 1910" are made on Houston Street in lower Manhattan. For...  
463. Peanut Butter & Co: A little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village famous for very tasty handmade peanut butter and a variety of peanut bu...  
464. Waldorf Salad: Started at the Waldorf, but recognized all over the country for its unique ingredients, especially the mayonnaise d...  
465. New York Cheesecake: A thick, baked version of the popular dessert, made with pure cream cheese, cream, eggs and sugar. New Yorkers clai...  
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