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16. Capital of the World, The: A nickname for New York City.  
17. Feathered Rats: "Flying rats" is actually a more common term for pigeons than "feathered rats."  
18. Fulton Ferry Landing: Great views of Manhattan from this Brooklyn location on the water at the end of Old Fulton St. It's at the base of ...
19. Bridge & Tunnel: Manhattanites refer to those who commute into Manhattan by bridge or by tunnel as "B&T"s, occasionally as an indica...  
20. Wings, NOT Buffalo Wings: Around the world people call them Buffalo wings. In Buffalo they're just "wings."  
21. Peter Luger's: The Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, considered by many to be the best Steak House in NYC.  
22. borough: NYC is made up of five "boroughs." Each borough represents a different county of New York State. Manhattan makes up...  
23. Dirty Jersey: Refers to neighboring New Jersey, home state of the food additive industry and the Toxic Avenger  
24. Nuts 4 Nuts: All over Manhattan, you'll find Nuts 4 Nuts stands on street corners, in parks, etc. The smell will get you, and t...
25. Jacques Torres Chocolate: A small chocolate shop on Water St near the Brooklyn Bridge. It is famous for its hot chocolate. You can either get...
26. Momofuku Ssam Bar: Excellent restaurant by David Chang that sports an eclectic, ever-changing menu. Expect a wait at peak hours becaus...  
27. Student Ghetto, The: Refers to the enclave of undergrads housed around the corner of Quail Street and Western Avenue.  
28. City, The: People refer to the entire borough of Manhattan as "the city." For example, someone in Brooklyn might say: "I don'...  
29. Brooknam: Combining "Brooklyn" and "Vietnam," this is a nickname for Brooklyn.  
30. Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway: Above the automobile lanes, the Brooklyn Bridge has a wide walkway for pedestrians and cyclists. This is a wonderf...
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Past Words of the Day

1. A large and predominantly Latino neighborhood located in the north-eastern section of Manhattan surrounding 116th Street and bounded by the East River.

2. A predominantly Hispanic (Puerto Rican) neighborhood in northeastern Manhattan.

Common nickname for the Pennsylvanian Railroad.

Short for 'Triangle Below Canal Street'

1. A parish is actually Louisiana speak for 'county'. The Orleans Parish shares the same boundaries as the New Orleans city limits, but other parishes within the state contain different cities and towns, just as counties do in other states.

2. The New Orleans version of a county.

All those people living in Aspen, CO, they are called Aspenites. The people visiting? Still just tourists.