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166. Mohawks, The: Indian tribe that once occupied the area around Schenectady, burned the city and massacred its people in 1690.  
167. Arendt van Corlaer: Dutch founder of the city in 1661. Also spelled Arent Van Curler.  
168. WGY: One of the first commercial radio broadcast stations, founded in 1922 by GE, still in operation.  
169. IBEW: The International Brotherhood of Electical Workers, union antagonistic towards GE. Powerful in the mid twentieth ce...  
170. Pat Riley: Was born and raised in Schenectady, later coached the NY Knicks  
171. Charles Steinmetz: Invented AC current (makes modern electronics possible) and artifical lightning, brilliant inventor, long time resi...  
172. Samuel Wilson: The orginal 'Uncle Sam' supplied meat to the US Army in 19th century stamped 'US'. His shop was in Troy.  
173. Kiliaen Van Rensselaer: Original dutch owner (Patroon) of the city, the county is named after him.  
174. Emma Willard School: Exclusive private girls high school in Troy, founded in the early 19th century.  
175. Russell Sage: Private girls college in Downtown Troy.  
176. White Hat Crew, The: Male undergraduate students usually from Long Island or other suburban areas around New York City who wear white ba...  
177. Crossgates Mall: The largest mall in the area. Built in the mid 1980's and expanded in the late 1990's, on Washington Avenue Extent...  
178. Track, The: The Saratoga Racecourse in the east of the city, the raceing season in August draws most vistors to the city.  
179. Skidmore: Very expensive private college in the north of the city.  
180. Congress Park: Popular park at the heart of the city on Broadway. Features a small lake with waterfoul.  
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